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  1. Looking forward to this discussion.
  2. Thanks Team Kiwimana for doing this episode and to Nick for doing the original episodes. Some interesting New Zealand Bee history here. Its funny has some things are still happening today. Who would have thought that Honey adulteration used to happen before Manuka Honey made it big. Thank you...Dennis
  3. The bottom slot is also a great place for wax moths to hide in, if the wax doesn't reach that far I would just get the normal (no slot) bottom bars. Bye...Dennis
  4. Thanks Gary, I enjoyed this interview with Nigel. I’m not sure if the Feral bee idea is a good one, but I wish him all the luck with the project. The story about the bees and the goat was so funny, I almost feel off my chair. It sounded like a good time was had by all. Bye…Dennis
  5. Do you or anyone know if any news agency or bloggers are covering the conference, I can't afford to make it down to the south...Dennis
  6. I will try and get one to you, not the best with computers
  7. Do you think a bee brush would be better then?
  8. Hi, I have a problem with my bees, at night they are hanging onto the front of the hive. I read somewhere that this is called Bee Bearding, so I have been using a spade to remove the bees of the front. They don’t seem to like this have been getting mad at me. What do other people do with Bee beards? Dennis
  9. Thanks everyone for your help, I have checked out the kiwi one and its pretty good. Great to hear some kiwi accents on a show, wow over 100 shows to listen too
  10. Hello, I have been investigating my phone and found this program called Podcasts. You can download recordings / Podcasts with the program, I have been listening to some ones from America about politics. Does anyone on this board, know any Beekeeping ones? Bye…Dennis
  11. I use Hive Tracks at the moment, which works really well for me. Only have a couple of hives. What would your product do that Hive Tracks doesn't?
  12. Welcome @Suniti to the forum. kiwimana have a great list of bee clubs in New Zealand, Beekeeping Clubs in New Zealand I think they are pretty local to you as well, is Kumeu near Waitakere Have fun...Dennis
  13. Dennis Brown

    8 day old swarm

    Why that is pretty great, was it a big swarm?
  14. Thanks Trev, loving your videos, heard about you on kiwimana ...Dennis
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