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  1. Bee boxes can't afford to fix the dodgy house repairs.
  2. First load of wood has turned up
  3. After a bottle of jagermeister I guarantee you have forgotten about the cold
  4. Stones ginger wine and whiskey best cold medicine ever
  5. Observation hive all clustered up it's 5 frames deep there's more on the back window away from the cold and light cool to watch
  6. No this one is not doing that well the ones out here are doing much better
  7. Had a cracker day yesterday so got to check the city hives and nucs normally they are head and shoulders over the hives up country but this year is a lot different. Still warm for this time of the year and the snow is still high up the hills we have had only a handful of Frost's some years we've had 6 inches or more of snow by now.
  8. Lycra got to have somewhere to put the banana
  9. Sounds good it's all about the paper work nowadays keeping a track of the how's and why's and how it will not happen again. And I hope you a not planning on using the old EpiPen on some one you can get dummy ones to practice on (buy that i mean EpiPen not worker) I have one if you want. I think it's important to practice as I left a rather large bruse on the bosses leg as I went in Reservoir dogs style.
  10. Yes not cool wifey was working with me in the bees when she decided to fiz she had been stung a few times with no worries. Now she is getting better with the desensitization treatment but still have a EpiPen or two on hand plus we have adrenaline to jab anyone with. Still not good seeing her doing the funky chicken over the deck after a sting
  11. Ok if you have double brood boxes you could use the shop towels. I use a bee suit but no smoker I'm paranoid about fire but need to go through my hives regularly. Maybe I'm just good at lifting heavy stuff.
  12. Requeen do you not check for AFB during the season also how do you know what's going on in the hive if you can't get near the broad nest
  13. Oxcalic and glycerin strips have been used in South America for over 10 years with no resistance found and the strips use quite high levels of oxcalic acid
  14. Aerofast all the way I hate emlocks with a passion
  15. Or work on lowering that 400 bucks a hive
  16. Busy day for the bee dog trying to figure out if dad's face is better than laying down in front of the fire
  17. It could be worse better to many bees than not enough
  18. Yes there's a full box of honey on top of most of them but a long spring and it's over rover. I have some singles that I'm more worried about doesn't take long to burn through a few frames of honey. They are forecasting a cold winter
  19. Finally getting to the end of the pre winter checks some hives have not worked out it's getting colder
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