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  1. Na it's not the tapes I have some with the same brew as I used in overboard and they are ok it's only the ones I used your stronger brew on and only nucs. We have had it very wet down here rather than the dry cold but all the nucs have had the same wether. And it's over two yards. It's also over to different nuc set ups I have them in double nucs and 6 frame Polly's. That's why I was asking if you used the stronger mix on your nucs?
  2. That is a great set up cutting up Gib tape strips by hand is no fun job
  3. @Philbee have you used your strips and your mix on nucs ? I did a side by side in two different sites 30 nucs had the Gib tape in them the others had overboard strips. All nucs where very strong and a month ago they had 6 frames off bees now the one's with the Gib tape have one frame of bees at best and a ton of dead ones outside. The others are doing well all the nucs have no verroa. Some of the bigger hive I put the Gib tape into have had a reduction in numbers but in the double box's it's not a big problem. I think in spring the stronger bee would not make a difference as the
  4. Leftovers today was a better day these are treated with my strips This is the weakest one of the day it was a autumn nuc but still going well all hives had no capped brood in them but the Queen's are back on the lay with eggs and grubs.
  5. Hi @Mike B welcome is it possible to let us know who you work for we buy off Clark's at the moment do you do 25 kg bags
  6. You off playing around with volcanoes
  7. Checked some nucs today most still have feed some are doing better than others but this is why we do trials breed from the best. Good ones and bad. Good day for it though.
  8. Yep you can talk to James he's now just in it for a hobby. But I think there is something there for everyone
  9. Every one's welcome for a cuppa and chinwag. I'm looking forward to the conference this year to put face to name. Back to the subject we have so many twits spitting out queens of poor quality we are at risk off harming the good genetics we have
  10. A company that has been trying to bring it into the country for use as a treatment I was lucky enough to try a small sample in our hives as they knew I treated with ox vaporizer. It's what started me on the oxgl road
  11. I know the application to get it registered through mpi has been with them for over two years.
  12. You wait till she's up and walking then you won't need exercise
  13. @ApiNZ Science & Research you could ask mpi why it's taken them more than two years to get Allun Cap approved for sale here in New Zealand a product that has approval in other countries.
  14. Finally got some good weather got all the first load of wood cut and put away ready for me to whip into boxes should be able to get 500 boxes out of this load. Opened up a mini nucs I'm playing around with and it's still chocker with bees so that's been a bit of fun.
  15. Stepping outside tonight think it'll wait a week or two it's good to see the stars finally but they came with ice
  16. It would like having unprotected sex with someone with aids you might not get it but why play with fire
  17. Shortest day today the begining of a new bee year she's all up hill from here
  18. I have been using both the Gib tape and overboard strips both have worked well I plan to use all ram type board in spring as I can make them in the numbers I need. Making Gib tape strips is painful and my time will be on boxes and frames
  19. We sell it in smaller quantities for those who don't want to buy 25 kg We are Kirwee bees in Canterbury
  20. How many times has there been a load of old gear sold off then down the track the buyer ends up with a AFB problem. I think it can only get worse as it comes to paying for the new ute or spending money on checking hives / money on verroa treatments / ect. Someone thinks they are getting the deal of a lifetime but just ended up with someone's problem/junk.
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