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  1. One week on the frame is going well they have been putting honey in it as they go nice hot day today first in a week so should see more progress This is the frame I was asking about only one side has drone comb and some unused Queen cups and the Queen has started to lay more eggs in the lower box now I have taken the Q/E of the hive to try and get the bees to store more honey in the super as they seem quite happy to full the brood box with honey and not in the super
  2. Hi in my main hive I have one frame with Drone cells in the middle maybe 12 odd cells and only one frame should I worry about it should I let them superseed was this way I got Queen cells I thought it was swarming Thanks again for all your help
  3. Hi as a new beek I know how hard it is to get started was very lucky to get help form this site as Margot I hope to build up my hives read read read and hope to get in a place to help others into bee keeping . I still sit down by my hive's and just watch them it's hard to believe I now have bees I've been working 70Hrs a week of late with our rubbish weather getting home and putting my ear to the hive and hear the hum seams to help to unwind . Keep a eye on here and something will come up
  4. So my Nuc box is going gangbusters making comb nearly twice is big as last photo but they are also fulling the comb with honey as they go is this sugar syrup I've been feeding them or are they bringing it in should I take the feeder out and put in another frame have not touched the frames the Queen cell is on so heres hoping it's all good
  5. Right put another frame with new eggs in nuc shook the bees of the frame as the nuc was chocker with bees found more Queen cells on that one but no eggs in them here's hoping I've got things right now Thanks for the help
  6. Ok thanks guys and I wont touch the box after I put them in
  7. Ok being a dumb arse when i was feeding the nuc I thought I would take a look at the Queen cell only to find they had joined two frames together and I've torn the Queen cell will they fix the cell as it's not been caped yet or is my first split heading south .how long would you wait before adding a frame with fresh eggs into the nuc
  8. Did my first split bees going nuts on the bare frame big fat grub in the Queen cell
  9. Hi yes I might of put you wrong on the small cell thing what I was trying to say was I want to try and get the bees to draw their own comb . I was told a long time ago by a old beek that there is no "F$%KING one running round after swarms putting down foundation for them " then told me to stop asking so many questions grumpy old ###### I'm no pot smoking hippy tried it and chocked on the handle I will nuke the mites if they get up in numbers I just want to make good strong hives and have fun playing with bees so I'm trying diffent things . And thank you for your replies Glynn Ps checked my hive out today think I saw the Queen lots of uncaped honey in the brood boxes and pollen they have just about finished drawing out my 3/4 box with foundation now I wait to see if they will make nice comb on frames
  10. Yes our bee's are busy bees :rolleyes: to out on the wing first thing today I'm hoping they have started to draw comb on my bare frame i put in the brood nest trying change to small cell .Would be nice to catch a swarm this year might have to start carrying round a box in my truck .I would like to try a raise my own Queen as well .
  11. Thanks for your your replies My hive is made up with one F/D and one 3/4 boxes for a brood chamber, I want to split my hive later when it warms up I have a Nuc box and enough F/D gear make up another hive . So can I split the brood chamber then I can have one hive with two 3/4 boxes and one with F/D boxes . I have a new Queen so my chances of swarm cells small ? yes or no . If I get cells I think I would better to start a Nuc hive yes or no . I'm trying to draw wax on my frames at the moment first but it's still cold up here in Kirwee
  12. I've built myself a oxalic acid evaporator still got to finish the finer points and give it a test run . Now I've been trying build up my hive I put a new frame in the bottom box to replace one dark frame and a F/D super on top . I have a 3/4 super witch the bees have been drawing it out but slowly . I've replaced my Q/E with a wood framed one as the one I got with the hive was getting on a bit . The bees have not started drawing comb on the frame in the brood box and it's been a week is this ok ? the hive below the Q/E is humming with bees but there is only a few above it is this ok for this time of the year have I tried to rush them by adding the extra super ? do I need it to warm up more first . There is pollen coming in to the hive and the frames in the brood boxes have some honey capped Thank for taking the time to read this
  13. A good read WSBA - Beekeeping Articles I know it's not from NZ
  14. sorry my computer did not update the page before I posted last time yes Oxalic acid is a chemical substance . I have no problems using chemicals and the strips but I think the strips should be a last resort after all other things fail . Nothing is a golden bullet but using drugs that verroa are building up a resistance to is not going to be the answer down the line . Why I chose icing sugar was well it's just fine sugar but Yesbut say (Glynn my ex-commercial mentor tells me icing sugar can be hard on open brood & use should be limited to after honey flow when losing bees is not so bad) Any thoughts on this others using Icing sugar how do you use it . why I want to use a oxalic acid evaporator is that it's not meant to kill brood and is meant to be harder on the mites than the bees. The last thing I want to do is kill my hive trying to kill mites I'm trying to build it up to make a split my mite count today was 7 on the sticky board . Thank you for all your replies
  15. I would like to hear from others that have used a oxalic acid evaporator for mite control as they say you can use it with honey supers on
  16. Yes it would be nice to help others to learn as I am learning your guys help is worth so much I've learned lot's just in time I've been reading others posts . maybe I should start a blog bee keeping by net :lol
  17. Hi I'm a new bee keeper but have been round bees for a long time I have spent a long time over the net and lot's and lot's of books and have some ideas on hive health and would like your views on my ideas. First bee and hive health comes first I believe a healthy hive like people will stay a lot healther ,so by keeping Verroa in check should help keep other nasties ie AFB at bay . I don't believe bombing my hives with drugs every 6 months is the way to go and would like to treat the #######s all the time so I'm not letting them get up in numbers . My hive is in my garden so daily checks are not a problem I have a screened bottom and a check board ,I'm dusting my bees with icing sugar as per Margot who I got my hive of, I'm also going to use foundation less frames to help keep the Verroa numbers down I'm also am building a oxalic acid evaporator and will use this as numbers get up . I would like not to use drugs if I can help it . Please feel free to comment but try to keep this about bee health and ideas on treatments I'm keen to try most things my hive is quiet and peaceful I can open it up and work it without gloves and vail so would like to keep it this way I have tons of pollen coming in and they are drawing wax like crazy ps my Verroa count was 12 today 8 I have dusted them in icing sugar today so will do a count tomorrow
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