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  1. Yes no needle it's a 3 ml one when I try to melt the foundation onto the frames the wire gets hot an moves all over the show I have it so tight it cuts into the wood of the frame . I've taken to putting my hive tool under it to pull it even tighter still moves though
  2. I use a small syringe and a small pot of wax on the coalrange keep the syringe in the wax and it does not go hard a few pumps to warm up the top part and away you go easy as
  3. Keep them for a oxalic vapouriser
  4. Our first jar of honey All in a days work
  5. Nice I will have to give it a go today
  6. Computer fan and a small solar panel will do the trick some old solar lights for the panels and computer fans are every where I've lost count of how many I have laying round . But I have mesh bottoms so if I had some vents at the top I could just use convention . Or if you want to get all hippy on it passive ventilation rather than active if I went the fan was on cold sunny days I would freeze my bees Last winter we had 7 day of -10 biss cold as a foxy's nut sack in 3 inches of snow but the sun was out most of the time
  7. Hi now I have my bases all sorted I'm now thinking about roofs some thing different to the old tin tops I've got now . Does any one have any web sites to look at or plans . I'm thinking about making some shingle roofs and trying to work in some sort of ventilation as well as having them insulated so I can open the vents fully in summer and also keep the bee's drip free in our cold winters
  8. Do you know how much there fir goes for in the winter $150 a kg
  9. I've been stung everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Was that a case of take away the pain but leave the swelling :rofl: I got my first sting since I was a kid the other day no swelling nothing yet as a kid I would swell up like a ball
  10. Entrance and cheepo mesh Back end Tray for the F#$KING bugs looking down a box at entrance Best of all bees like it I hope well they are still going in
  11. Thanks I might have a look at our wind brake mesh and see how big it is just till I can get some good stuff
  12. Where is a good place to get some down here ?
  13. Ok so I've made up a new mesh bottom board so I can use my oxalic acid evaporator and I wanted to play with a bottom entrance and I wanted a big drop for the mites . Now the big question Miter10 sell nylon fly screen mesh by the meter can I use that for the floor if I pull it tight. The oxalic vapor will be going through it so if I use steel it will rust and stainless is very spendy
  14. I think they dissolve propolis in ethyl alcohol to make propolis tincture, so maybe try rubbing alcohol or..... Vodka? Waste of vodka:whistle: Is that a story for later :lol
  15. I now have a laying Queen in my other Nuc and a new Queen in my big hive so I have managed to raise three Queens or rather the bees have let me stuff them around and not die well done my bees
  16. Got my first sting today amazed me it's taken this long was checking on my other Nuc and she got me from the other side just as well I had my hat on next time I open them up I might have to light the smoker :lol
  17. Also my oxalic acid evaporator works a treat I just need to make up some new bases so it will fit under the mesh and have the vapour go up through the mesh .As my entrances are to small
  18. Happy Happy days I have one Nuc with a laying Queen and a week of hot weather to get summer started . Now a Question can I use rough sawn Macrocarpa for making supers or is it best to dress it
  19. I'm still waiting for the honey to come in down here two weeks ago we had frosts now 30.c plus days so hot but I had bees flying till 930 pm last night so fingers crossed I will be in your shoes soon
  20. Hi thanks for that is that in Crystal form ?
  21. Hi any one know where I can get a small amount of Oxalic Acid from in Christchurch. NZ Beeswax Ltd only does 25kg lots even thought they say they sell it by the kg :mad: I want to try some on a vaporizer I have built
  22. Thought this was cool Seven types of beekeeping advice to avoid « Honey Bee Suite
  23. I had thought that the reason to use starter strip is to encourage the bees to make their own virgin wax and not someone else potentially chemically or diseased wax. Cell sizes to suit their breed and not one size fits all etc. I thought the same might only work on top bar hives
  24. First frame going well A new frame 4 days old Her royal highness. The Queen from my first hive [ATTACH=full]2290[/ATTACH]
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