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  1. He he I think I might need to take another photo to clear my not so good name Although I did know some one that grew a type of fruitless tomato plant by his hives so no one would be nosy thing is they are more likely to pinch his hives now and leave the plants . He did say the smoke from said plant calmed the bees I think he might of sent to much time down wind :rofl:
  2. I have mesh on the floor so I can lift it and have a look
  3. I'd like to see you try and smoke a red maple. I wish it was a syrup maple tree
  4. no I had 2 double stacked nuc boxes 3 3/4 boxes and 1 FD and a Queen in each one so one double nuc =10 frames like a small hive
  5. Man I'm new to this split thing and I'm thinking about chaining them up so I can't open them I like to take the top of to see if I can see any cells :rolleyes:
  6. Yes I use two nuc boxes one on top of the other 5 frames each so what I've done is split them in half but one was a FD and a 3/4 nuc box. And the Queen had fulled the 5 frames of the 3/4 box which was on top and there was lots of honey and pollen in the bottom FD so I put the Queen in this one
  7. Looks like our honey flow might be on the up good to hear you getting honey splits seem to be going well for me I've been wondering if a nuc could last through winter ? guess you need to start making up them frames made up 10 in the weekend myself once you get started in bees the gear builds up fast
  8. Ok I did some splits on Friday and had a look in them yesterday (just taking the top off) as I was looking in one of the nucs that I had put a Queen in I saw some Queen cells strange I think to myself . So in I go this is of a two box nuc so all I did was find witch box had more eggs and brood in it and put the queen in the other. But because this nuc was a full and a 3/4 box I could not swap brood into this one . The queen is a good new queen fulled the 3/4 box with brood but she started to lay on a frame that I had tried to draw without foundation so has a lot of drone come in it so w
  9. Heat gun ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eym8rxYeLTc
  10. photos make them look smaller I think as I made them to fit my monkey paws :rolleyes: as I find it hard to get gloves big enough to fit the garage smells so good will be even nicer after a year on the hives
  11. Sweet then I can give up my job and become a real beekeeper
  12. I don't get $45 bucks a hr wish but if you added up the two days it took me to make my own if I was doing it to save money I would of stayed at work but saying that next time I'll be a lot quicker and I made my own and out of better wood
  13. Hand Cart | Trade Me I think I might have to make one
  14. All the time :oops:at lest I'm not talking to my self and forgetting who I'm talking to Anyway what do you want the cart for been thinking about making one for our garden what do you like about the stanley cart
  15. one on trademe Stanley Garden Hand Cart | Trade Me
  16. Some ply ,1 inch box and some old bike wheels and bingo
  17. I think if i do this again I'll get a bigger router bit mine is only 10mm and blunt and use the table saw more than I did this time . You can buy pine supers on trade me for $8 so I'll only use macro and only if I get it at the same price I brought some full size supers off the guy on trademe I could not buy the timber for the price he does them for . but macro is easy to get in 200x25 mm is makes it worthwhile to do my boxes cost $6 each in macro plus my time if I wanted to do it on the cheep I would of stayed at work for another Hr and got the pine ones on trademe
  18. Not so nice is the 2 ton of dust up the nose should of put on a dust mask :rolleyes:
  19. In the end I got 7 supers and a nuc the wood cost $45 . I got happy with the router and took it to deep so had to put some shims in to make the frames fit
  20. Hi thought I should put up some photos of some macro 3/4 supers I've just made
  21. yes I was going to use a propolis mat as a screen and just clean it down when they block most of it of
  22. sorry did not read that properly my bad yes the syringe will be your friend you can use your hive tool to straighten it up after
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