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  1. One bee keeper up our way does this works well for him. And also sorry to hijack but what about one 3/4 box for over winter ?
  2. Thanks for the tip will do the gun I got came with 1000 nails and 1000 staples so that should make a frame or two
  3. Only in spring Trevor brought one off trademe for $45 bucks. Getting set for winter in the shed hope we don't get as much snow this year so I can spend more time at home 70 plus hours a week sucks .but I've got a new snowplow this year sweet deal
  4. Hi quick question is a 18 gauge staple gun ok for building boxes and frames and just change the length of staples Thanks Glynn
  5. It would be good to see if we could get group buy the cheapest I can get s/s mesh from steel and tube is about $50 per meter. I've got lots of bases to make up one meter makes 4 bases and it's about a grand to get a 30 meter roll with post from the other place so that works out at 33.33 per meter . I am as tight as a ducks bum and that's water tight
  6. If you used foundation it will be the same size ?
  7. Sorry I should of said bottom box is 3/4 also trying to get wifey into the bee keeping as well small box's = lighter may change next year but may keep some to sell as some people can't lift F/D boxes . I like the look of the jumbo box's also 3/4 size is cheap to make
  8. Yes this is a hive made by a split early in the year it's got about 7 frames of brood and I want to ad another 3/4 box on and try getting it stocked for winter so was going to wait till this latest brood hatches and then checker-board between the two boxes
  9. Hi my new splits are of and racing the queens laying as fast as the bees make more comb . my question is does checker-boarding make the bees draw out comb faster ? As I'm in my first year I have no drawn comb to give them only foundation Thanks Glynn
  10. You are so on the money don't forget the 10 mill a month for the last two years CERA get to play sim city so they know how to build sports grounds and nice parks around your muted hive
  11. yay new Queens and they are laying up a storm [ATTACH=full]3435[/ATTACH]
  12. Yes please 1080 comes from plants but I try not to put it on my toast in the AM every thing has it's place I just Like to try and be informed before I try and do something
  13. And when you do make your new hive(s) please post up your progress so maybe other's may learn something new or something not to do
  14. Got to be one to know one quack a doodle doo I'm a chicken-duck
  15. I've been the same but I have also had beekeepers in the family as I was growing up it took me a long time to get into bees and I've read all the books in our library more than once spent months on the Internet. But I learned more in one day talking to other bee keepers than I got from paper and the web I want to play with TBHs and I don't always do things buy the book BUT I'm cutting my teeth on something other bee keepers know about and can help me with to start . I started this year with one hive I should go into winter with 5 healthy hive that I've split myself could of been more or I
  16. As the title says should I use it some say yes it's all good but I'm not sure on that one ? Thanks glynn
  17. I have the same thing I'm hoping for the bees showing VSH hygienic trait my first thought was S&*T AFB panic then went in side a re read about it . I have veroa but always low counts and lots of underdeveloped mites on the screened floor Ie transparent and a lot darker maybe 6 small and one dark one ?
  18. Just tell them you where getting set up for when you proved there is no bylaw and a swarm moved in so there must be bees around any way and animal control should of done they job to stop you empty hive being invaded win
  19. Hi you have started in the right place getting on here very helpful people here:) We are just up the road in Kirwee if you want to look at some hives before you make the leap
  20. you could get one with sound and call it BUZZ cam
  21. I LOVE being called young :rofl:
  22. Yes but !!!! I wonder about a cctv camera
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