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  1. My Drones where given the heave about 6 weeks ago ?
  2. Like I said ham fists F^%KEN interweb said 1 tsp per hive there was dead cells that I checked for AFB
  3. I also thought oxalic vapour was less harmful to bees than other treatments
  4. Yes I think you are on the money Tristan about the strength of the hive but it was about 6 weeks ago I gave the hive a dose of oxalic vapour I used 1 tsp of powder did not see any dead bees in the days after . all my other hives I split at the same time are boiling with bees . I freak about AFB and ccd but I think this could be more my ham fists and put it in the don't do it again box
  5. there was only two and a half frames of brood. Single F/D box with a single frame feeder
  6. Funny thing is this hive was doing OK till I gave it sugar
  7. Ok the Queen was still there had two mites on her tried to take a video but I suck at working the camera . There was a load of dead bees inside and out most with missing heads legs ect Doing a test for AFB bees that had started to hatch had heads missing not a good look there was some eggs but no jelly to feed the little ones This had capped honey last time I looked
  8. Is it getting to late to put in strips my mite count has always been low ?
  9. First thing I Did was check for AFB lots of dead bees out side and inside the hive . There is only capped brood in the hive I could of killed the Queen last time I checked this hive about 3 weeks ago . and using oxalic vapour to wack the mites
  10. As it says lost a hive to robbing was a nuc but a strong one I moved to a full box. Had a entrance reducer on it to wasps have had a field day ###### all workers left and cant see the Queen no eggs ether frames have been ripped to bits only some capped brood left one other hive has been robbed but looks to have held it's own but seen lot's of mites on bees so wasps might not be the only ones trying to get a feed What to do with robbed out box might look again tomorrow to see if I can see a queen if so could I try and keep them in a nuc for winter or is it to late Thanks Glynn
  11. That's strange maybe they are like humans and need a few to get use to them . I think there's more bee glue on the frames now That when I was a kid poking round in hives ?
  12. Na our bee's down here don't move for any thing under a 5 :rofl:
  13. Yes trying to do the same as I've just started so no drawn frames yet my 4 made 4 nucs this year last lot at the start of Jan right when the flow stopped . Still getting pollen in but hives very low on stores so hoping to help them along so the can build up for winter give them a bit of a boost as soon as I put the sugar in they go nuts bringing in load after load of pollen
  14. got two 25 Kg sacks today for $53.14 so not to bad as soon as I feed my small hive they go nuts at first I thought they where getting robed out I've put in a entrance reducer but looking at the returning bees they are packed with pollen . Need to grab some more pig fern when I'm up the hill tomorrow
  15. I put on 30 kg still trying to lose it but it always finds me again
  16. Must give that a go some day I use old egg trays apple spaces on the bottom get them going good they smoulder rather than burn then pack in dry pine needles to the top then stuff green needles in the top so I know when it's getting low I only have a small smoker lasts a good hour or longer
  17. how do you get on mating the Queens this late my hives have sent the drones packing weeks ago ?
  18. 5Kg down here is about $10
  19. Yes after I put this up I thought about trents so I gave them a call going in on Monday you have to get a day pass and you can't buy anything you would buy at the supermarket so 10Kg of sugar or $16 sounds good to me
  20. Hi where is the cheapest place to buy sugar looking at getting a 20 Kg sack
  21. Yes I'm new as well can open my hives most days have a poke around all good as gold . Today warm muggy weather I just cracked the top open as I do only to find half the hive with there bums in the air . As I had read this earlier thought OK open another hive to see them do the same thing bees are busy flying every flower in the yard has a bee or two on it bees coming and going flat tack . Could just be the day going into the hives to see how the checkerboarding is going tomorrow will have my trusty old smoker in hand
  22. Thanks for all your reply's I have a lot of new bees hatching this week might need to feed them still lot's of bees on the wing positives of living in a small town with big gardens around.? Also the bees seem to be bringing in truck loads of pollen in at the moment good sign for next season I hope
  23. Just a quick question about my Nucs If I feed them will that help I have 4 frames of foundation and 6 full of brood every cell the workers seem to make the queen lays in it
  24. I was thinking about doing this next year but dividing the box in 4 so you would have 4 2 frame Nuc"s till the Queen hatched and mated and then moved them to 5 frame Nuc's ?
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