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  1. There was 4 cells and we got frosts down this way already just this week has been warm should of left it but it's to late now I was thinking about putting swapping a empty frame to see if she will lay in there all others are full and caped
  2. she was going grate guns so I've left this hive on it's own two full boxes of stores was feeling rather cocky about this hive good looking Queen big and fat ? will look again in a week to see if she's still laying
  3. Hi I just did a hive check and found queen cells I seen the queen she is new this year hatched this Jan . I killed the cells as there been no drones in any of my hive for weeks this was a cracker we hive built up fast now two boxes heavy and what I thought ready for winter . What should I do I see no new eggs so I'm worried she's about to split with half the hive.? Thanks again for any help
  4. I'm trying to track down a guy that mills macro for land owners I want to get some Full deep size maybe even jumbo
  5. is that the place just over the old Waimak bridge
  6. I must be lucky I got mine cheaper than pine
  7. where do you live there is a lot of hives up round that way
  8. You could of hit a bump on the way home and knocked the bees of the frames blocking the base air flow ? Strange it was only one hive you got us all playing guess who You say the hive was worth $350 but you will get more hives soon enough it's more that you lost the hive if we can learn from it it's all good but it's still a hive full of dead bees
  9. What :eek: give me a call hit me up in spring we can sort something out
  10. I'll welcome them with open arms but I will be there that's why they have my home number my cell number and my email . I don't have a guard dog but three kids under 4 so good luck getting past them They have a job to do and that is keeping bees going in New Zealand .
  11. I know my spilt that I killed the queen cell in just before she hatched and had to put a new frame of eggs into is the best hive I have ? Low mite count all tucked up in a double nuc full of pollen and honey
  12. sounds fair they would not do it again !
  13. ha ha ok could be a way to slow down the mites
  14. You going to give this a crack next year ?
  15. who are you and how do you know me I have my tinfoil hat on :rofl:playing deliverance music on my banjo But I think this is very bad for bee keeping I try and stop and talk to every bee keeper up our way sort of know the neighbours . This sounds like it was done by bee keepers out for a quick buck and that does not sit right with me .
  16. Scum and sounds like they knew what they where doing will keep a eye out on my patch of road know most bee keepers on SH73 . Maybe a group buy of trail cameras name and shame .
  17. Someone told me the other day to poison meat with something and I forgot what wasps will eat meat and take it to their nest . The thing I worry about is what would happen if the wasp wants some honey to wash down the meat and goes into the hive . I've been hammed by wasps this year want something that will kill the little pests
  18. No thank god but I know about a breakout up the hill where a honey taker can't call them bee keepers left 25 hives with AFB did not burn hives just walk away very close to another bee keeper maf had to clean up the mess was a few years ago but ? AFB kills but there must be swams there's truck loads of hives in the bush for the manuka . That's why I was saying it's more us doing our part . Ps I'm no expert just my thoughts
  19. Go on you know you want to poke it . I found one in the yard the other day my offsider grabs a shovel and gives it a almighty smack before I could stop him dayglows running every which way . Would of killed him if I got tagged must of looked funny as
  20. just the wild hives ? that also have AFB
  21. I would like to say yes the little mites should help kill of any weak wild AFB hives as long as the big strong hives don't rob them if we do our part and check our hives AND do something when we find AFB it is possible unlikely with man kinds greed .All this crap about manuka honey and we will be the land of milk and honey ,just the price we will pay is green rivers form cows AFB from cowboys
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