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  1. Running a observation hive takes a bit of work we have one that's 10 frames in two layers. It may be better to start with a full size hive and use a glass hive mat so you can lift the lid and show the bees.
  2. Thanks I should of asked last time I got oxcalic
  3. Yes the stuff at the farm places can't tell you what there's is made from. We are getting ours from pure natural but I never thought about Clark's
  4. I think it's a lot of what you know is what you like. In the last few years I've ended up with some tigers and they have all been hot firey son's of a female dogs to work. I like my queens because they suit me I don't use a smoker most sites are a fire risk waiting to happen. They over winter on there own feed quite well and give me as much honey and bees as the grumpy ones I've keeped to see how they went but got the chop before winter. The farmers could not go close to the hives without getting stung. We are lucky to have some very isalated sites where we full with o
  5. I use vegetable based stuff is that what you use
  6. I'm in shape. Round is a shape. Hoping to get into some hills before we start grafting freezer is looking sad
  7. And we will putt on silly ginger wigs and make Auckland pay for it
  8. I would think 30 sec at 125 c would not make me happy that it's safe
  9. Any colour you like as long as it's white or you could have toilet roll brown if you use the board. Maybe Phil's next line will be fluo stiched for H&S
  10. Ideal for people that don't want to go to the trouble of buying in oxcalic and glycerin and then mixing it up and making strips.
  11. Frosty here this morning only light though -3 by 10 it was gone snow is still very light and high for this time of year. Nice day to be out walking the dog getting out of the round shape ready for the spring rush.
  12. I would think there would be a high chance of efb is mpi going to pick up the bill
  13. I'm going to the AI seminar but wanted to do both would be good to swap notes over coffee I think Nan is going to the scientific one as well
  14. Yep that's what I did with mine they have held together well I may get some off you next year as I've put it's only been 30 nucs that I had trouble with on 50 % mix. I will use the board for now as it works for me and I can pump out the numbers I need to do 600 odd hives in no time. I also think it's worth noting that even though oxcalic and glycerin has been used for many years in South America it's still relatively new here this will be my 3 year playing and what works for me might not work in other places. I try to explain this to other's that want to try. I couldn't go back
  15. Yes you can my wife gets a jab every month of ether ozy venom or venom from the good old us of a
  16. Phill does small amounts I think beats mucking round with a sowing machine
  17. No the only Gib tape I've used is three layers I want to compare the difference between them and the board. I prefer the board as I can make them in bulk and so far they preform well. The Gib tape takes me a lot more time to do as we did it by hand sewing 150ms at a time then cutting each strip. But I believe I need to try anything thing to see what works and what doesn't. Buying ready made strips and spending more time with the fire would be good.
  18. I have been playing with some mini nucs checked on them the other day a the queens are starting to get back into laying
  19. No this is overboard the Gib tape is three layers this is a hive using the Gib tape strips with 30% oxcalic photo taken the other day.
  20. Yes I think the 50 50 is overkill the Gib tapes and overboard with 30 % are humming along photo from today with overboad humming along queens just coming back on the lay now
  21. Hi just looked back the strips with the 50 50 mix went in on the 28 of February the weakest brew and overboard went in a lot later I only had the Scott towels in them as I had other things on at the time I took some photos of double boxes not long after I'll dig them out thought I had photos of nucs as well will dig deeper. I wonder if it's because I have left the Gib tape in but I've not had any problems with the weaker brews ? Two weeks after strips went in
  22. I used the 50/50 mix strips for both mixes. The strips where made at the same time all nucs have been have been treated the same that's why I asked you if you had tried the 50/50 mix. I have tried to find any other reasons why if it was just one site I could understand but it's over two sites and like I said 4 weeks ago they were chocker with bees the nucs I used a weaker brew are doing fine. This is not my first rodeo and I will have another play next autumn again but I have great success with the thinner brew both with your Gib tape and the overboard in the same sites. A
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