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  1. Check out the prices at a airport. So if people will pay this much is it a problem my question is how about the lads and lasses working the bees
  2. To many dodgy bike sites Mr cat even I ran through it in no time. I normally need the wife or kids to show me how to do anything more than trademe and bee sites
  3. $560 per kg in the pot from the price offed to bee keepers. How many times does it go round the world it must be a extremely long journey.
  4. You also may have left you device open
  5. This girl is getting on the dark side but brood is good
  6. Nice to see drone brood and drones back in hives
  7. Na just rock up round home and jump on the guillotine
  8. I still believe vaporizers have there place but I've seen a lot of dead hives from people using home made glow plugs jobbes and not treating right Mark can you explain your treatments
  9. I like that the frame holder is just about as simple as my steering wheel one
  10. Superseded queen I have a few mother daughter hives at this time of the year
  11. I must say for a pom he's a man of few words
  12. Cold enough to was a good frost today was moving some hives even the dog wanted to stay at home
  13. You might need to contact my wife on Facebook under kirwee bees I can't message you
  14. Yes that's why I offered to a local they should know if it's ok
  15. Hi I've been asked if there is any local bee keepers in the area that are looking for a spot they have just brought a 16 acres block
  16. Michael Palmer I think has the right idea he puts all his hives with verroa in one yard and requeens every one. One bad hive can affect so many healthy hives
  17. We have seen a few round here lately which is not good at this time of year down here. You have done all you can at the hive front if they are one bee space. Can you move your hives away from this site ?
  18. It was about now you stated to find empty hives last year if that helps you feel better
  19. I've always done it by weight useing Randy Oliver's to start with and have tried different mixes to suit our needs. More to the aluen cap brew now. I think Less is best and want to try that in spring.
  20. Great eye site to see a mites sausage
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