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  1. Damien O'Connor made it sound like it was a done thing as for calling us cowboys using false facts and hot air from people who have other interests other than beekeepers... When a member of government says you should get on board if makes the hair on my neck stand on end
  2. For us yes for others no but I want and will fight for the right same with the levy increase we are getting herded like sheap to the works to all get in behind this.
  3. Some of us do not want to be part of the suppy chain of marketers spin doctors ECT ECT. I like talking to the person that will be using my products even if it just a email we have complete ownership and control of the suppy. With all the risks and benefits of such a deal. Same with selling bees and queens I want to have that connection with our customers.
  4. Sorry I should of said domestic market. Seems that the whole conference was about doing away with us small fry. The tech talks they where saying we need to get bigger to survive smaller beekeepers have no place in the new way and the new fee structure the talk from gov and others made me feel very uneasy
  5. The fonterra of the bee business. Next step it to make sure we comply we must sell all honey to them. It will be in the industries best interests of course although we will need to fund the selling of your honey so the levy we already have will need to go up the two supermarket chains have agreed to buy it at a good low price so we can concentrate on Manuka. Funny thing is people where saying that this would happen a the birth of apiculture NZ and they got shot down
  6. I still can't get my head around this cluster (bad word) why will jacking up the costs make the dirt bags that don't confirm now tow the line ??? We are always getting phone calls about dirt bags that don't look after there hives it got so bad last year that we now offer rent a hive deal something I don't like but if people want a hive I want them to be ones I know are being looked after. If these dirt bags are not checking there hives not answering to there customers you can be sure they are not paying apary leveys. I've given up calling assure about it as it looks like I'm goi
  7. Also how much of this increase will end up in admin there was a lot said at the conference that didn't sit well with me. The talk from our Mp was one of them wild west no more like the Mafia running the show
  8. As soon as you use it you are calling the meat wagon. You will know when to use it just stress the real thing is like the practice one
  9. Yes exactly the same we use them very good to deal with ask for a practice pen as well
  10. Do they have pollen coming in the door. is there honey still close to the brood nest. do they have capped brood. Could you see grub's? This information will help
  11. I was blown away in how they can keep any hive alive doing what they do
  12. We just spent 3 days listening to David Mendes of and on. On how they bee keep over there start at Florida feed pollen sub and sugar ship to California truck back to Florida feed pollen sub and sugar truck to Maine feed pollen sub and sugar then truck to Michigan feed pollen sub and sugar then truck back to Florida to build up and split for the almonds again pollen sub and sugar..... This was 20k hives.... They are still working on why they lose 40 persent of there hives... This is not picking on him just blew my mind him talking about it
  13. It think it should be a three strike system first offence $50 bucks second offence $100 bucks third time they come back to ashes and a bill. They have the power to do this but chose to not look at the real problems. To say it's to hard is to give up to tax the confirmers is not right to tax the smaller hobby sites is not right. I don't mean bring out your pitch forks and go native. As for spending half a million dollars on a new app it should incorporate some other things like hive management honey tracking to help compliance with apriry reg honey tracking. If they plan to spen
  14. There seems to be the idea that it's to hard to get non conformers to court costs wise. I feel like they are penalizing the good beeks to pay to clean up the problem ones. Anyone else there today got that ?
  15. They did say today that one flyover found 45 percent of the aparys where not registered so we pay for that... Add that to the levy of 10c per kg of honey
  16. So far I've put named to faces with @Desmo and @Mummzie still got a few to go but didn't have much time today
  17. Some has to look after the shop
  18. I'll be the knuckle-dragging missing link looking guy with a 5 ft gray headed one dragging me away from all the toys we can't afford to pay for
  19. Time will tell time will tell but I believe we are not down and out just yet. I ask this question differently off the price how much of a percentage goes back to the producer and betterment of the industry as a whole. Well it's great to see some trying to make a difference it looks like the added value is not going to help the industry at all protecting Manuka.
  20. I think the price may be on the lower side for said target market. I just found out that clover makes the man fruit bigger better get a better label
  21. Nice drive up the best island today not much snow about lots of wattle's and other trees flowering. All registered and signed in driving round Blenheim has not got better
  22. The point I was trying to make is there's a big difference to wholesale V's retail. Yep no worries about how much you sell for if people buy why the heck not I don't see to many kiwis putting this on toast for breakfast.
  23. I can see @jamesc hanging round the road to the airport trench coat on full off honey
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