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  1. And also counting individual members of clubs how many are members through clubs and have there own membership of ApiNZ
  2. If we are to be forced into ApiNZ do we not have a right to know how much of the levy will be spent on ApiNZ and admin this should not be hidden in twisted words and half truths. If we are paying to keep ApiNZ afloat why do we not have a majority vote. And I'll repeat my unanswered questions if you as you say have sorry will look back but was it 92 percent beekeepers to other's why does the minority have control over the majority. If you get a Yes vote this will only increase
  3. @ApiNZ Science & Research why can the number of beekeepers not be found out you want the mandate to enforce a tax on people who you don't even know you have in your bee club ? Saying you will have the numbers after the vote is not a good answer how many days have you had to get a answer. How are we going to make a informed choice on the vote if you withhold very important information. This will only affect beekeepers yet you can't say how many beekeepers you have?
  4. Good times town full of completely drunk people having fun whole town getting behind it . Then it got commercialised and things went South sounds familiar
  5. Didn't know you were a hoke lad
  6. So 91 percent of your membership is bee keepers and you only give them how much of a percentage of your voting. Or put it another way 9 percent of your membership has over 50 percent of the control over what we do
  7. And then the majority of your key stakeholders are members of other industries profiting off Beekeeping.
  8. Can you please explain exactly where the %40 will go to how much is admin and other costs and how much will leave the ApiNZ office and go into science and research. 40 percent sounds like a good number but so far you have not even been able to tell us how many members you have that are actually beekeepers? This should be a no brainier tell the facts without the bovine fecal matter and you might not be pushing the stinky brown stuff up the incline. This plan sounds as well thought out as Vaughn the Viking when he ordered 200000 battle helmets with the horns on the inside.
  9. Can I please carry her bags ?
  10. I was trying to see if I could get a straight answer from them and failed in my attempt at legalese. I get told of for speaking common but how f ing hard is it to say we have x number of beekeepers in our club. Another thing is they can't email nonmembers how in the fogs snakes do they plan to get a fear vote. @ApiNZ Levy Proposal PLEASE PERSON UP AND GIVE A ANSWER YOU SAY YOU HAVE OUR BEST INTERESTS BUT WILL NOT ANSWER A VERY SIMPLE QUESTION
  11. Interesting to see how many votes you get sort of represents the up coming vote is how many voters will be counted
  12. You need to ask the question correctly ie @ApiNZ Levy Proposal how many of the 7836 beekeepers are paid up members of ApiNZ as of the 6 of August 2018. Only beekeepers not and I will emphasize the point. This is people that you wish to inpose this new tax on and not other non paying are members
  13. Is there a way to send this to all on here ?
  14. Will you be able to answer the membership number question by then ? Funny thing is why are these sort of votes always when we the beekeepers are at our busiest or is this a plan where did I put my tinfoil hat.... If chose to opt out of the apinz club what discount will you offer. I will read through and have more answers will you answer them in here as you will probably know public meetings aren't always the best place to get a straight answer on record. As stated many times before there is a big trust issue with Apinz this has not helped
  15. Look at how much the top men at fonterra get the vote is going to be the same as the as the dairy vote I think they have to follow a process to prove it's what the industry wants.
  16. I do think it's important to go to the meetings and try to get as many people along as possible so everyone knows exactly what's going on. My view is very self sented as we are small fry in a big pond I need to know where our hard earned dollars are going as there's not much to go round. I'm not happy that I will be getting 5 bucks if I'm lucky a kg and paying the same per kg as someone that's getting a heck of a lot more. There's been a metric truck load of cash spent on Manuka over the years some have reaped the rewards but there's so many people here that have not and have done the work themselves.
  17. Going to need a lot of things soon a hat is a long way down the list
  18. Just remember a non vote counts as a yes vote. Seams like there not a lot of information that's forthcoming I miss heard the 1 percent @Dennis Crowley maybe you could answer some of the questions being asked rather than just replying to mine which is a mile wong. How much will go to pay office critters how much will go to real work in scientific research? Why do you believe ApiNZ should be responsible for the leveys when over half the board are not the people paying but have a stake in the industry. I'm asking as I have not received any information from the people trying to collect the leveys other than go to meetings but if I wasn't shown buy others when the meeting where on how would I know.
  19. Also how much of the levy will go on shiny bums ie is it true that %3 is going to science but %2 of that 3 is going to someone's salary so only %1 of the levy will be on actual scientific research? I'm asking because so far I've been told that I'm a cowboy I need to pay more it's going to happen anyway so suck it up . We went through this when apinz was formed we were told that we needed this it's for every beekeeper big or small so far not seen it sorry.
  20. So anyone that has a stake needs to be asking questions and (not going to get into trouble for swearing again so add your own) VOTE
  21. Ok so just re-read the legalese they need 50 percent of votes and they have to produce 50 percent of the honey sold. Which considering it sits easier with Manuka hunters would be a given.
  22. So the big boys with the big tonnage have a bigger shear of the vote ?
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