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  1. Also this is also new and inproving all the time. I have not touched our vaporizer since last year I only did half my hives with the ovaboard last winter, they all came through the winter and never looked back. In the end I threw the vaporizer in the shed no more gen set noise ect. I don't have enough experience with the Gib tape the ones I used my mix on did ok some just hummed the ones that had the stiff brew got knocked back but don't have verroa. I have used towels and different cardboards ect . Me and Nan stiched up 3 layer Gib tape and gave it a go I've not used Phills strips but I may need to give them a go if there's a art in making the strips this way . I use ovaboard as I can make it in the quantity I need and I use the mix from Argentina as that's what got me started on this. It is all good stuff but it is experimental you have to make sure it works for you. My bees may work better with oxcalic but I now feel like I don't need to worry about resistance when it happens
  2. I don't use more than %30 but I don't use Gib tape with the ovaboard that's the strongest I've used . I tried using phills mix that was 50/50 on Gib tape but it hammered the hives I think that Phill had worked out that there was a difference in the mix.
  3. I've got a head torch made by ever ready it came with our firefighter kit. Really good
  4. Hi David did you put the strips in the brood nest and are they ripping into them. I will be back just got someone round
  5. I know I did a trip round the promised Land today I need to go back round and give them some room to breathe. Just as well we will have cells soon things are going to be flat out when the willows flower. My drone Combs are big and fat and are on there second run
  6. Hell no I've got Q8 taking up enough room in the shed of shame
  7. If you are taking about the 4 pins they pull out ?
  8. Got my first ones in yesterday day but it's just me with ichy feet although the willows are starting to flower has the sun made it over the hills to cowboy valley yet.
  9. How about only Manuka comes from nz. @Merk your honey would off passed the tests rather than bagging. Why not market your honey as better we have this race to the bottom mentally we should be aming to pass the tests with flying colors and then brag about it hell I would put money on my honey passing the ozy tests let's sell that ?
  10. Well the dudes not reinventing the wheel there it's what got Manuka in the game
  11. @Adam Boot I asked on your Facebook page and I didn't get a answer I was not having a dig at your Roundup tests but asking why you don't test for 1080 residue as I see this being a thing that will come up in the future?
  12. I've got lots of drones but I have held back witch is not like me but I'm still planning early September took a hive apart that I moved 10 frames of brood above the excluder for my starters and still had a box of brood. Very strange year
  13. Careful frazz I have to get my head in a suit
  14. It could be the light it was a funny day today but that looks right to me.
  15. @jamesc this girl has your name on here
  16. This is the story of a wise man. Wife dragged me into town the other day then complained she spends more if I go with her game is won ....
  17. Well the minister did want one United Voice. He's got it now in Spades.
  18. Time to bring in the Arduino
  19. Are the fruit growers part of a GIA they're not that happy with MPI at the moment
  20. It will be free tomorrow I just wipping up another run
  21. Viva La bee keeping Revolution you could make a village people's video I know someone in cowboy boots and hat.
  22. How many are counted twice ie paid members and members of clubs how many clubs have pulled the pin now ever club has quite a few members?
  23. Just keep one eye on the stores there big falla hate to have that work undone. Them biggys can get hungry fast.
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