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  1. Nice one be good to have the back up from someone like Randy especially since he's done work with the FDA
  2. Nice yes I'm getting some sent down to compare will be easier to cut the strip
  3. The only time I have had problems with brood is when I made my own Gib tape strips and used a strong mix in nucs and it was because (a) the mix was to strong (B) I used it in nucs they where strong 6 frame nucs but I lost a lot of bees the queen carried on laying. I removed the tape and they have bounced back slowly. Lessons I took from that was if I play again with Gib tape I'll get it from phill. And it is still a experimental treatment. I didn't lose any strong hives I put the Gib tape in.
  4. Yes but try fitting it on a trailer.
  5. I'll get more information next week but this is already for sale in the states and here. Rather than rely on my memory I'll wait for it to arrive. Sounds like ovaboard pre cut into strips rather than the roll.
  6. I don't have the ovaboard strips dry. The Argentinian strips where very wet when they went into the hives. But I've learned that there's a difference between ovaboard and the Gib tape in the way they work
  7. I'm getting some samples sent down and there's another product in the states that sounds like the stuff the Argentinians are using it's virgin wood pulp rather than recycled cardboard
  8. Is there any one on here using the jib shims from ovaboard sounds like it's put the guillotine into retirement pre cut into 25 mm strips and 2 mm thick they are using this over in the states. Someone down here has just got two pellets worth.
  9. I've never had any trouble with a increase in supersedure I have found the queens are living longer. But that could be any number of things
  10. You would be better planting oil seed rape and getting it pressed and throwing it in the tank good for the bees as well
  11. I've never had a problem and I'm going to do my mini nucs this year as I'm getting lazy and can't be boatherd blowing the dust off the vaporizer
  12. The ovaboard will be removed the outside strips not so much I was more interested in if there's any difference in the bug numbers and hives health
  13. It would be good if you could do a side by side comparison as well
  14. True the hives we went through today are clean no mites in drone brood ect so I'm trying just two ovaboard strips just to see how they get on
  15. Hi I have not lost older overwinter bees the fact that they are living longer I'm putting down to the oxcalic and glycerin over vaporizers and dribbles. The number of old bees in the hives reminds me of pre bug days. I put a run of 4 overboard strips in the hives in April and there's still a lot of of the strip left but I'm replacing it with new ones now I'm still not seeing mites in drone brood the queen will lay under the strips. Interesting the new strips are getting ripped out in 6 weeks in the center of the brood nest but there's still the outside ones lasting longer to do the job. My onl
  16. Now that you have made the move to the strips @jamesc would you like to grab enough strips to treat say 10 hives next time you are down to do a side by side test. Would be good to see if there is any difference?
  17. Phill I've been flat out doing other things to reply to this I'm using 30 percent buy volume it not weight so a lot weaker brew. But overboard holds more mix than the Gib tape I had lots of bees die using the tape at 50/50 I think it's important to go to you if people are going to use Gib tape. I have a Theory on the die off and it goes something like this verroa make holes in the bees if you have bees that have the crabs you will lose them as the brew could be strong enough to kill them. I did a hive check on someone's hive and counted 16 mites on one drone grub the most mites
  18. The farmlands stuff is not vegetable based we get ours from a place up north cheaper than the farmlands stuff
  19. Hay @Jamesc I tried to call today will have to catch up I'll be a worried beek if the hives had not ripped the towels to bits by now at this time of year
  20. Found this today there's some thinking https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=280298199466760&id=186240765539171
  21. Remember a little convocation we had about a year ago. I still wouldn't put my life's saving on the shop towels.
  22. There's a good reason for that the coast is a bowl and the bottom of the bowl where all the crap falls is Gray hole.... I would love to go to ether end of the coast. South Westland is a place of magic or the winter less north
  23. I seem to not be able to add photos unless I can resize them but will give this a go but yes they lay under to strips shame I had to crop the whole photo
  24. Also drove international pickups had Subaru wagons full of bees. And got me back into a industry I love plus fulled a young boy with story's of heroism but that's a life time ago. I ask about 1080 because I believe it will be a problem that will come up and China has been burnt before a no test is a good test and argument that it's not in honey and is a non avent I feel testing for Roundup because it's in the news but there's enough of the other stuff to kill 70 million people don't quote me on the exact number used in our country. The photos going round the net maybe fake but doesn'
  25. Shiny hmmm I think I need another torch my one is bright I have to use it on half but man I need a glove box of batteries to keep up and it's LED
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