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  1. I've thought about this lately if you had room in there for nurse bees to help chew through the cap. As I don't think Queen's hatched in a incubator do as well as cells put in mating hives unless you wait till the workers chew through the cap but then if one hatch's early bye bye. And the idea is to put the cells into a incubator as soon as they are capped. I'm still on the fence as to cells Vs hatched queens

  2. Yes as I keep saying to myself this is not a normal year I have started treating our hives as some have shown some varroa. There a big risk in looking through your hives in winter but this hive and a few more we have where beading out the door some never stopped bringing in pollen most days I have a lot of hives at work so can look at them every day as I move about the farm. I had fed them 2 parts sugar to 1 part water up till April but they kept raising brood and drawing wax as it did not get cold now they are picking up even more I cracked a few frames and looks like there is fresh nectar coming in which is something I've never found at this time of the year

  3. I believe went round most of my hives last weekend well the ones up our way and I have about 20 hives like this most where Feb splits had two boxes on them and removed the Queen excluders when I took out the strips. Most still have honey in them but they are laying in the second box so will need to keep a eye on them feed wise and varroa could be a problem . This winter is still not over yet so will see what comes so far I've lost one nuc that got mice in it was not that strong.

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