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  1. 1 hour ago, tristan said:


    what part of that in particular?

    not uncommon to use aluminum tanks as you can make them fit your needs.

    fuel tanks can leave a bit to be desired. often don't have good baffles. have fuel sized fittings which are to small for syrup.

    pumps need to be suitable for thick syrup. fuel is really easy to pump, syrup is a major pain.

    Thanks it was the pump part I was wondering about I only feed nucs and some hives I want early drones from

  2. On 4/05/2019 at 5:44 PM, Philbee said:

    Randy found that in the dry climate of California shop towels worked in singles

    However in the humid State of Georgia they were much less effective because Georgia has a humid climate and the Glycerol in the towel outside the Brood nest absorbs that moisture ruining the Oxalic solution.

    Our New Zealand climate can do the same.

    However when the shop towel is used in a Double there is a higher chance that it will be within the climate controlled zone of the Brood Nest and therefore work better than in a single.
    This contributed to the inconsistent results from OA/GL Shop Towel system in New Zealand.


    Staples on the other hand are much more suitable than shop towels for placement between the frames within the Brood Nest where the Humidity is highly regulated.

    Shortly I will post a video of still shots of Late Autumn Hives in outstanding condition, all with Staples inserted within the Brood Nest.



    Here is a Video of stills that I threw together today while out and about tending to my Staple Efficacy trial
    The hives in the video are Hives opened consecutively for photos and not the pick of the bunch, just typical Hives in my operation.

    They have all been treated exclusively with Staples for 2 or more seasons and this season just spring and Autumn.

    Vast majority  have low to zero mite counts after a month of treatment and will bolt through to Spring

    Every one of them has Staples in the Brood nest


    There may be a couple of double up photos, 

    That 4 parts/6 parts works out to 31% OA by weight
    Does that sound about right to you?

    Yes Phil I was using 3 parts ox to 7 glycerin but using them on some hives with bad varroa that had only synthetic treatments the mite drop and hive health was not as quick as I would like.

    With my hives they didn't have the same problem as they already had a low might count. I don't have any problem with humidity ether wet or dry

  3. Results of early Feb treatments most hives   3 boxes of bees I think the amount of old bees in the hive keeps the cluster larger we had a brood less stage in April now seeing eggs and grubs. Can't add photos still learning new phone. Still running 4 parts oxclic 6 glycerin by volume getting 6 to 8 weeks out of the precut ovaboard strips. I've got some hives to check as part of disease monitoring so will take photos off the sticky boards as I will be able to do side by side between bav api and ox   

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  4. 10 hours ago, Philbee said:

    When did you trial this product Glynn?

    It was a few years ago now Phill before Scott towels ect they work very well. I believe that there's more to it than oxcalic and glycerin sooked in overboard strips, but it's the closest thing I can get to it the new Gib packing strips things are in hives at the moment look good.

  5. EPA approval is required to sell the strips as a varroaside like other treatments. The name on the approval is not who we did the tests for but same stuff. As it's listed as a treatment it will be legal to use and sell it will be interesting to see the conditions of use doc as it's classed as a organic treatment in it's home country with little restrictions. 

    Sorry for the late reply I was playing with some new toys

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  6. 13 hours ago, jamesc said:

    That aside,  the bees are starting to crank, or as they say up north .... Pump.    Poly's are up and running with mated queens which we will patiently leave for a  week  to lay out  with brood before catching the mama's and transfering  them  to double brood box hives that will get split down to singles to make up the duds.   Nucs are always a little bit slower getting mated, but are destined for a few pollination contracts later next month.

    We bought more  sugar last week as I like to have emergency rations on hand in case things go wrong in this fickle time of year, and we have set up more starter hives in readiness for a big cell raising campaign to direct cell pretty much everything in two weeks time as the bees are starting to tell me they are ready to supercede.

    Glynns Nana breeder is looking really prolific. The Betta Bee breeder has gone into a sulk and has less bees than she had in the early spring. I think we might be attending a Wake shortly.

    And Stella has been getting a going over prior to the Big Migration. Namely I've been tinkering with the cab interior lights.  The main cab light was that covered in grime and garbage so  I used solvent to clean it. The plastic melted .... Oh crud. But the wonderfull thing with the Ford line is that most parts are interchangeable and Mama's F 150 has an identical cab light and cover ...... but we won't go there  !

    How did you get on with the cells

  7. We get to pick up the pieces often from people getting ripped off not just AFB infected nucs but half arsed nucs walk,away nucs hives sold that would not even be classed as a nuc unfortunately the list goes on.

    People need to be informed if the seller will not show you through the hive/nuc ECT walk away take someone with you if you are unsure make sure they are registered get there reg number.

    One case recently someone on Facebook made some comments looking for a nuc as there hive had died, so I asked if they would mind if I come and had a look first.

    When I got there the guy apologies saying that the bees have come back and are busy I opened the hive and it's dripping AFB from the few frames that where tossed in and sold as a two box hive in the process of getting robbed. The guy was told he didn't need to register as he was only a hobby beek. 

    Makes my blood boil I hate the fact the dodgy low life's are giving everyone a bad name and are happy to inflict this on new beeks.

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  8. On 7/10/2018 at 10:42 PM, Jamo said:

    Trying to add photo of dryboard shims. They are about 1.1m long

    Have just cut some to length on bandsaw very quick. Somewhat different to ovaboard. Will put a few in and see how they go


    Got some turn up today looks like a lot more wood chips in it but will be super easy to make for the small timers. I'll run some up in a day or two to see how it goes 

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  9. On 8/10/2018 at 8:12 PM, Philbee said:

    Might be a good idea to source a comprehensive material Data sheet for that Jamo (producer Statement) 


    What really makes my day is when Beeks who have brought thousands of Staples order thousands more.
    I dont really give a Hoot about the money side of it but hearing the stories is a real buzz.

    Today 10000 were ordered by two repeat customers and also a phone conversation with another  Beek who was over the moon  that She couldn't find a single mite with Alcohol washes in two commercial Staple trial sites that are expanding well.

    She had a visiting Beek with her who was equally bemused.
    Another phone call was from an employee of a large outfit who has been so impressed with what he's seen at work that he wants some for his own  hives.
    Just another day


    MSDs are on the ovaboard web site

  10. 1 hour ago, glynn said:

    Nice one be good to have the back up from someone like Randy especially since he's done work with the FDA

    On a side note Randy's new finding are about the same as the Argentinian brew.

    That's been used for over 10 years now.

    Maybe I'm barking up the ring tree with the low oa mix. Hmm but it's been working well so far?

  11. 3 hours ago, jamesc said:

    I was delving in a single brood box hive last night looking for Larva to graft. The queen is called Nana as she was nurtured by Glynn's Nana in her early life. The hive had two of Glynn's overboard strips and two of Philbee's staples. The overboard in the centre of the brood was about gone. The staples to the outside were just starting to be chewed out at three weeks. 

    Science in action ?

    Yep they remove the center strips a lot faster than the ones on the outside but I like the idea of them opening up the brood nest

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