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  1. Hi Trev do you mind posting your update on the commercial beekeeping page on Facebook thanks.
  2. With all the pivots we may be in the middle of a green desert.
  3. It was a few years ago now Phill before Scott towels ect they work very well. I believe that there's more to it than oxcalic and glycerin sooked in overboard strips, but it's the closest thing I can get to it the new Gib packing strips things are in hives at the moment look good.
  4. EPA approval is required to sell the strips as a varroaside like other treatments. The name on the approval is not who we did the tests for but same stuff. As it's listed as a treatment it will be legal to use and sell it will be interesting to see the conditions of use doc as it's classed as a organic treatment in it's home country with little restrictions. Sorry for the late reply I was playing with some new toys
  5. Martha has started to jump out of 5 gear it was good for a giggle to start with but now is starting to pee me off do the 1996 Hilux gearbox's have a decent ball and spring or is half a million ks catching up on her
  6. Hi you are more than welcome to come out home look up kirwee bees on Facebook
  7. I have a computer full of files I've sent through to assure quality they are very busy down here at the moment. Yes the more you know the more hopeless I feel sometimes. I've got to meet some really good beeks that are doing the same thing helping the guys getting taken for a ride so this is good. Sometimes it takes a bit off time to reap what you sow ether good or bad.
  8. We get to pick up the pieces often from people getting ripped off not just AFB infected nucs but half arsed nucs walk,away nucs hives sold that would not even be classed as a nuc unfortunately the list goes on. People need to be informed if the seller will not show you through the hive/nuc ECT walk away take someone with you if you are unsure make sure they are registered get there reg number. One case recently someone on Facebook made some comments looking for a nuc as there hive had died, so I asked if they would mind if I come and had a look first. When I got there the guy apologies saying that the bees have come back and are busy I opened the hive and it's dripping AFB from the few frames that where tossed in and sold as a two box hive in the process of getting robbed. The guy was told he didn't need to register as he was only a hobby beek. Makes my blood boil I hate the fact the dodgy low life's are giving everyone a bad name and are happy to inflict this on new beeks.
  9. Eat, sleep, do bees.... Rinse and repeat
  10. I would of thought a black leather one with spikes would match the fish nets better
  11. Got some turn up today looks like a lot more wood chips in it but will be super easy to make for the small timers. I'll run some up in a day or two to see how it goes
  12. MSDs are on the ovaboard web site
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