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  1. The thing about cars is there are heaps of by-laws for parking and towies have a special legal exception that allows them to access the vehicle in order to move it. Again moving someones hives could be seen as wilful damage as you don't own them. Perhaps I'll put a "free hives ----->" sign up on the road next to them and wait for some dodgy hamiltonian to come of pick them up
  2. As far as I'm aware there's a template for a trespassing notice somewhere online, but it's quite specific ie the owner would be different to their beek who visits the site. Not an option I'm afraid, the do not spray here organic signs would be a big sign that skulduggery going on. I don't think tenancy laws would apply to this issue. The joys of open companies registers and their bounty of address details! Just not really worth the legal costs, would be easier if one of the old poplar trees fell over in high wind
  3. It's certainly is interesting, I've been doing some thinking around the whole property thing and yes the hive themselves are the legal property of someone else however, I really doubt that the bees themselves could be classed as legal property as there is no way you could be able to identify each individual bee and claim as your own. This got me thinking about the idea of swarms, say if there were two beeks in two paddock next to each with their own hives and one of the hives from beek A and then was caught by beek B, it would be impossible to contest from a legal sense that beek A
  4. Yep, spoke to the boss, will give them a call in the morning with a deadline. Been dealing with the boss and they're just as usless, rarely seek their beek as the hives are on the otherside of the farm. Bit of waste of bees and #### digging a hole big enough for 8 hives.
  5. We've had another beeks hives on our land for several years now. A several months ago we ask them to remove their hives from our land but said it was OK to to keep them there until the summer was over. Fast forward to the end of summer and we asked them again to remove the hives from our land and was told they would. It's now May and the hives are still there. I'm going to call them and ask for them to be removed once again. After this what sort of etiquette would be reasonable, if the hives haven't been removed removed in two weeks time? Should I load them
  6. Thanks M4tt, so you're pretty much saying that it's not worth trying to save? not even banging the frames out in the next paddock and adding frames of brood from two of the strongest frames and a mated queen?
  7. Update: strange hive part deus. So today after a bit of a delay due to the weather i got to check the strange hive in order to find the queen and end her days so I could replace her. unfortunately after a good search I was unable to find her but there were a lot more brood (drones only) and some fresh eggs/pupae dotted around. however a couple of things caught my eye. firstly this queen cell on the bottom of the frame and then a few dead emerging drones (could this be due to the hive having no honey stores and only pollen?)
  8. I'm requeening this week so will let you know how it goes.
  9. Will give this idea with the baking paper a try and see it that helps.
  10. Thanks Rob, I think that's what I will have to do. There were a couple of empty nearly fully drawn out frames in the brood box. The neighbouring hive is plenty strong so I should be able to move a frame over.
  11. Hi all, would like to bounce some ideas about one of my hives that I've dubbed the 'strange hive'. Checked it this weekend and did a full inspection, whilst all the other hives around are onto their second honey box (they were all installed at the same time and bought from the same person) this one hasn't even drawn out the first box. What puzzling me is the fact that in the brood box all except the end frames are fully drawn out but with 70% of the frames filled with pollen and I mean chocka with pollen and with the top corners with capped honey. I could only find perhaps 2/3 frames with
  12. Was actually out your way on Sunday, taking in the sights of Putaruru and having a much needed dip in the blue springs.
  13. My bad, the was looking at the photo you posted a while ago and looked a lot closer, still plenty of lush paddocks around there.
  14. Thought I would share my honey mustard recipe, I've been making this the last couple of years and its super easy and delicious. Ingredients: 175g honey 210g yellow mustard seeds 210g brown mustard seeds 160ml boiling water 40g fine salt 470ml cider vinegar Method: Grind two thirds of the mustard seeds into a fine powder and tip into a large bowl, then add the remaining whole mustard seeds and give it a quick mix. Then add the boiling water and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Whilst the mixture is resting whisk the salt, cider vinegar and honey (sometimes it helps to do this in a
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