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  1. cheers mate good advice. will let u know what the out come is
  2. sorry for the late reply been away for work again. i put varroa strips in and a top feeder on the 17th . its 2 full depth boxes with 4 frames full of bees on the bottom and 4 on top. all frames are part brood some capped butnot many
  3. there is no capping and no honey, all the frames looked good, no tearing.
  4. no not yet. ive been away so havnt been able to put strips in
  5. hay guys ive been away with work for 4 weeks and just checked on my hive i shifted due to robbing. on inspecting i seen dead brood on the ground in front, bodys intack still? as well worker bees dismembered? is this still from robbing or wasps? didn't see any wasps around. all honey is gone to.
  6. 40 ft up, ######. totara make gd fire wood ive still got the swarm in a nuc, was thinking about doing that paper trick to put them back in there old home. i don't want a 3rd hive at the moment.
  7. yep i thought about heat, i let them out at 0800. just had a look at nuc and hive, the hive has alot of traffic, abdomen shaking at entrance and seen some fighting. is the swarm now stealing from there old home?
  8. can i close off the nuc untill ive had a look in the single box at lunch time? if no new queen in there do i just dump the nuc/swarmed bees back in or is there a better way?
  9. the box has been parrffin dipped or do u mean the wood pile?
  10. the brood box has not much bees left and not much brood/eggs should i get a frame of brood from a strong hive to put in? how can i get them strong again?
  11. made a rookie mistake and didnt see a queen cell on the frames when i shifted them from nuc to fd box. got a phone call at 0900 from my partner, they swarmed. lucky i still had the nuc, so now i have a new nuc. question: can i put them back into the hive at a later date?
  12. they bearded to cool off the hive. didnt think the black tarp would reflect so much heat.
  13. thanks for the knowledge , i havent touched the hive since friday so the queen should still be inside. so in conclusion they came out from being to hot? cheers for the concern @Trevor Gillbanks its the only out of the way place untill i relocate them in a few weeks, to the farm sitting on a pallet.
  14. its hot but winds are 35km,gusts 55km+.
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