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  1. I'm sure that she was very nice @Trevor Gillbanks, but I very much doubt that she was working on behalf of the WSJ, or even in NY. https://sts3.wsj.net/commerce/Production/Resources/docs/CustomerCenterLetter.pdf Does seem like they are working that way through the afb list though, so forewarned is forearmed.
  2. Probably because you agreed to be listed publicly as an AFB inspector for COI's I would imagine. The data would be collected by web scraping applications. You're on there too @Chris Valentine Ha ha ha. You publish it yourselves on the website! https://afb.org.nz/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/I-Latest-2018-Inspector-List-for-COI.pdf
  3. Exactly. And not just state sponsored, or even foreign. Spark have an entire subsidiary dedicated to selling the data they collect on you....even if you aren't one of their customers. I understand how you can come to that conclusion, particularly with regard to consumer products. When it comes to network infrastructure I have used Ericsson, Alcatel, Cisco, Juniper, Allied-Telesis and Huawei among others. Huawei are half the price, equivalent build quality and the best support out of all of them. And if you live outside the centre of th
  4. We can choose whoever we want, but Cisco, Alcatel, Nokia, Siemens and the rest are literally twice the price....which means that it's you and I that ultimately pays. And the motive, as always, is money.
  5. And now a similar question for Auckland. Looking for a supplier of 20-22 mm dressed timber for FD boxes. Thanks in advance.
  6. My posting wasn’t a dig at Adam or Puriti in particular, it was simply the easiest option. As with @frazzledfozzle, it was about Manuka Honey in general, just happened to be Puriti. It could just as easily have been any other producer/packer/marketer that is tapping in to the quinoa eating/urine drinking/anti vaxxing crowd that are willing to pay over the odds for unproven benefits.
  7. Just a reminder of the start of this topic by @Adam Boot I think the purpose was to find ‘the next Manuka’. Personally I think marketing our non GMO status is key. Unfortunately the clean green NZ ship has sailed, or is leaving the dock at least, but non GMO, non herbicide and organic measures will only become increasingly important.
  8. But Propolis on the other hand....outstanding results in periodontal and orthodontic treatments. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4083525/
  9. I have done previously and have read the research diligently. What he finds, unsurprisingly, is that the anti bacterial qualities of Manuka do indeed help kill certain bacteria that are responsible for both the decay of teeth and gum disease. Unfortunately the sugar in honey also feeds the same bacteria and so the effects are negligible. Personally I prefer academic research that is funded independently.
  10. Complex superfood that contains an abundance of nutritional and wellbeing benefits! Unique symbiotic relationship! Believed by many...to improve health, vitality and well being in many ways! (Presumably by Flat Earthers)
  11. My point exactly @frazzledfozzle Like I said weeks ago, marketing is why I can’t afford pork belly, lamb shanks and now Manuka honey. As far as I can tell marketing often just puts many quite ordinary things out of the reach of most ordinary people via this made up notion of ‘adding value’ which is either misleading or preys on people’s insecurities about status or health etc. And as for the the dystopian future that has been mentioned, my own cynical view is that we are already living it. Unaffordable houses and food, insecure jobs that are just upgraded versions o
  12. Some do, you’re right, but have you seen the drop in retail price of champagne over the last decade which means that you pay half what you used to? fx rate has made a difference but mostly it’s over production and competition from methode traditionalle wines that are just as good or better that has caused this.
  13. But is that a chemical that contributes to efficacy? I assume not but just ‘proves’, for now, where it comes from.
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