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  1. DeeGeeBee

    Make full depth Brood Box

    And now a similar question for Auckland. Looking for a supplier of 20-22 mm dressed timber for FD boxes. Thanks in advance.
  2. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    My posting wasn’t a dig at Adam or Puriti in particular, it was simply the easiest option. As with @frazzledfozzle, it was about Manuka Honey in general, just happened to be Puriti. It could just as easily have been any other producer/packer/marketer that is tapping in to the quinoa eating/urine drinking/anti vaxxing crowd that are willing to pay over the odds for unproven benefits.
  3. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Just a reminder of the start of this topic by @Adam Boot I think the purpose was to find ‘the next Manuka’. Personally I think marketing our non GMO status is key. Unfortunately the clean green NZ ship has sailed, or is leaving the dock at least, but non GMO, non herbicide and organic measures will only become increasingly important.
  4. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    But Propolis on the other hand....outstanding results in periodontal and orthodontic treatments. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4083525/
  5. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    I have done previously and have read the research diligently. What he finds, unsurprisingly, is that the anti bacterial qualities of Manuka do indeed help kill certain bacteria that are responsible for both the decay of teeth and gum disease. Unfortunately the sugar in honey also feeds the same bacteria and so the effects are negligible. Personally I prefer academic research that is funded independently.
  6. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Complex superfood that contains an abundance of nutritional and wellbeing benefits! Unique symbiotic relationship! Believed by many...to improve health, vitality and well being in many ways! (Presumably by Flat Earthers)
  7. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Preventing tooth decay! ????????
  8. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    My point exactly @frazzledfozzle Like I said weeks ago, marketing is why I can’t afford pork belly, lamb shanks and now Manuka honey. As far as I can tell marketing often just puts many quite ordinary things out of the reach of most ordinary people via this made up notion of ‘adding value’ which is either misleading or preys on people’s insecurities about status or health etc. And as for the the dystopian future that has been mentioned, my own cynical view is that we are already living it. Unaffordable houses and food, insecure jobs that are just upgraded versions of Victorian factories, all while being told that we should aspire to buy nice or expensive things as they will make us a happier and more worthwhile human being. And don’t even get me started on social media, google and the global political landscape!
  9. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    Some do, you’re right, but have you seen the drop in retail price of champagne over the last decade which means that you pay half what you used to? fx rate has made a difference but mostly it’s over production and competition from methode traditionalle wines that are just as good or better that has caused this.
  10. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    But is that a chemical that contributes to efficacy? I assume not but just ‘proves’, for now, where it comes from.
  11. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    The chemist in me has to disagree. As I said “identical in every way”, and yes, they can.
  12. DeeGeeBee

    Honey Price Collapse

    But, if the honey is identical in every way regardless of where it is from, surely they are both the ‘real thing’ aren’t they? As for your other statement regarding the 1% I begrudgingly agree. It never ceases to amaze me how Louis Vuitton or Hermes sell handbags for $1000’s. Or Range Rovers for that matter which are a truly terrible vehicle but infer status. The difference I see is that with handbags and cars you know the whole world will see you with those products and judge accordingly which isn’t necessarily the case with honey. Mind you, as long as there are those that get sucked in by coconut oil, malt syrup and paleo diets there will be a market for over priced honey as well...just not convinced that it won’t be Australian, Chinese or some other as yet unheard of source.
  13. Yep, there is the odd patch of Kanuka in flower but we don’t have a huge amount as most of the bush around here is big mature trees. What I have noticed is that since the valley is more or less East-West and the majority of bush is on the southern facing slope things flower a few weeks later than they do further south around Dairy Flat/Wainui/Silverdale. Some of the Kanuka have only opened in the last week or so.
  14. Had a quick look on Boxing Day. The last boxes that I put on 3-4 weeks ago I thought would be lucky if they even got drawn out, but they are just about full of flax honey and the flax is still providing....when it isn’t raining of course. Third year of productive hives in this location.(45 km’s Nth Of AKL harbour bridge) 16/17 - very dry,windy and cool. Averaged 1 super of honey per hive 17/18 - no rain from 5/11 to 5/1/18. All nectar had stopped by Christmas. Took about 10 frames from 3 hives which proved to be too much and ended up feeding through late autumn and winter. 18/19 - warm start to flow, then rain, rain, rain. Big willow flow, reasonable amount of pasture nectar from buttercup also from fruit trees. Flax has been surprisingly abundant. Looking like 6 or 7 full supers will be taken off in about a week while leaving a full super on each. currently running 4 hives here, but will reduce to 3 for next year as I think that is about what the forage can support.