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  1. Pure carniolan could be a stretch. Carni queen open mated can mate with many drones, be it carni or itai. Queen will produce both as progeny. As for pure I don't believe that is possible in nz without the importation of new genetics. Daykels would be the closest to pure as you can get. So answer your question you have some mongrel carnis ? vivia la carni.
  2. TBH I feel $300 for a 3/4 box is a fair price. It is what I sell for to club members. $350 with base,mat and lid. I make all the components my self and I am happy with covering my costs with a little bit for some beers ???
  3. Without knowing size of remaining colony but going on the fact you have said queen was a drone layer and your pic seem to illustrate naff all bees I agree with @yesbut. I wouldn't, myself, bother with trying to introduce a new queen. I would start a fresh. If you have enough to make a nuc make one with a new queen and start over. This way it's not a total write off.
  4. @JasonK Rob is sort of right. All surfaces need to be easy to clean and keep clean and, if necessary, sanitize, and be made of material that does not contaminate food. Temporary sheets and tarps dont meet that requirement under Food Safety Standards. Food Hygiene Regulations Floors (a) Unless otherwise prescribed in these regulations, the floors— (i) shall be constructed of impervious and easily cleaned material that is resistant to wear and corrosion, and shall be adequately graded and drained, with all angles between the floors and walls rounded off to a height of not less than 75 millimetres from the floor; or (ii) shall be constructed of wood with the boards laid on a firm foundation and tightly cramped together and with all angles between the floor and walls rounded; or (iii) shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements of subparagraphs (i) or (ii) and covered with a smooth surfaced material fixed to the floor with a suitable adhesive. (b) The materials of which the floors are constructed shall in any event be suited to the work or process carried out on the premises.
  5. I tried the same approach. Ply lid hives haven't bearded at all but the ones with tin lids do. More ply lids to be constructed. I reckon they are better in winter also. I never had a condensation issue with the ply lid hives.
  6. There is always a chancethat the queens were out on a mating flight. I would put mated q in but that's me. I work on the theory of having a good q which is mated with what I want it be mated with. You have no brood you say so you are working with a hive with a limited life expectancy with nothing as this point to replace them with.
  7. Yes your assumption is right. They are Queen cells. Low on the frame generally swarm cells high on frame supercedure. No food - they would have taken most when they swarmed. yes they have most likely have swarmed any other food may have been robbed. No brood,eggs? - it has happened a while ago (swarm). Wax moth - due to hive being weak (numbers low) it has let them get established. Strong hives normally keep them in check. Q Cells - the ones you found you should have got rid of. As far as what to do now. I suggest you reduce hive size and get a mated queen pronto if you want to have a chance of saving it.
  8. Swarm has been collected. A newbie in our club in her first season has homed it, well done Ra'kell.
  9. I did my first walk away split this season. It was successful. I now have a new colony and a beautifully golden queen. I was a little worried what sort of queen i was going to get as the brood frames were from my wretched mole of a queen. You know the ones. The ######s seen you coming and prepare to blitz from a 100yards. Anyways she is shaping up to be ok.
  10. I have some out. 5 frames but a bit larger than a nuc box. I hang in a tree 15ft up where bees a frequent or on a flight path. I don't use old frames. 1, wax moth roots them in a week 2, if I get a swarm to one I wasn't them to draw the wax to lower risk of afb. Dead last season's queens are good lures
  11. You are all reading too much into what im saying or not saying. I always have smoker on hand - this means going,smoking. If i use it or not is dependent on the level of visit and the level of angst of the bee's. The way I was taught - less smoke the better. The hive became a grumpy SOB after i requeened it. Its just one of those things that can happen.
  12. I normally dont need it, however always have it on hand, but yes with this one yes damn bush fire quantities. Grumpy Happend about the time co-incided with the first lot of brood hatching. Cant get within 20feet of the hive before the first sortie appears
  13. Definatley!! She Gooonnee Its a shame because really quite a good producer and only 6months old. Its becoming that bad to work them though.
  14. OK, The hive I will split is a right bstrd. Cranky so and so's. No its not the weather or any other usual/easy reason for being grumpy. They are just ................................................................ If i do a walk away will this trait remain within the prodigy??
  15. Checked hives today, cracker day quite warm here. One needs splitting pronto! 3 3/4 boxes high and it contains brood in all boxes. Its heaving with bee's. it had 4 cups in the top and middle box but no eggs in them. Do I get ??? Cells Virgins or mated queens. I would prefer M.Queen but availiblity I'm not aware of any yet.
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