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  1. Is kowhai toxic to bees? Do you know if sophora prostrata is poisonous? I was thinking of putting it around my hives as a windbreak and nectar source after seeing some bees in Dunedin working it
  2. hold on guys i'll be typing up an essay in response to your questions about my rationale for wanting a stable hybrid line, however i will have to do this after i have typed up my two essays
  3. pretty much what i'll be doing with these overwintered nucs. In a sense i will be selecting for forage and hygenie also. If i started grafting at the start of pohutukawa season, i could have 4 nucs from each hive, with a frame each of pohutukawa honey, emerging roughly by koromiko, gorse (2nd flowering) and the metrosideros fulgens flow. hell, i could even mate them in different local zones around wellington, bring them back to my area where the meterosideros f. flow would be on. By the time spring comes around any survivors are a good indicator of how conservative these bees are wi
  4. I was thinking of rearing queens next year, mating my queens in autumn and overwintering them to judge how conservative each queen is with their stores, as a sort of selection criteria to breed from in future. Is this a good idea? are there factors I should be taking into consideration when doing this that I might be overlooking?
  5. are there any people whove tried to make stable lines of hybrid bees, ones that've persisted through the hybrid vigour and are gentle, productive and have qualities from both lines , i'm talking either stable crosses between a.m.l x a.m.c or a.m.l and a.m.m. Ive heard some people talk online about having a line of bees that they'd crossed with a.m.m to get white capped honey, are very conservative with stores, and cold resistant, i'm wondering if anybodies bothered trying to make lines of bees through crosses, and how successful those crosses have been.
  6. a few kanuka and manuka are in flower but i think the bees are laying offve them for the remaining pohutakawa and a few gorse bushes that're coming into flower atm seem to bee all the bees are keen on
  7. if i got any rata it was mixed with the kamahi flow, seeing as my two hives are pretty young i let them keep any honey they collected so they could build their numbers up, rata and kamahi flow blended in well to the pohutukawa flow so i took maybe 3 jars for birthday and christmas presents, seeing as there are about 10 pohutakawa trees still in bloom and a few flowering gum im hoping theres a bit of clover around so that my bees can hold out going into what will hopefully bee a very productive meterosideros fulgens flow so that they are really strong for next year
  8. Im hoping the bees are beginning to get at the kanuka that seems to be flowering, but i only ever see 1, maybe 2 bees per plant on the kanuka in the waiarapa, hoping things are different over the rimutakas.
  9. wellington saw a crazy season for rata, 1 of my hives at my parents house was bustling during the kamahi/rata flow and both of the hives were very busy during the pohutakawa flow, we're coming to the end of that now so the bees forage seems to be diversifying. The main things im seeing them work are the remaining pohutakawas in flower, the next door neighbours lavender which they seem to love (but its a certain type of lavender that always seems to have a lot of bees around it), parsely and fennel, and ive even spotted bees on a few nikau blooms, has anyone seen many bees on nikau palms before
  10. i know a breeder who breeds from ai italian stock from eastbourne if youre interested
  11. Would you be able to be a gem and tell us a few of the linked alleles and the phenotypes expressed?
  12. tauhina is flowering in wellington, anyone tried the honey from that stuff
  13. would anybody know if this is fulgens or just robusta?
  14. They play death grips entire discography back to back. Theres a two week cooldown though as your hives are hot as hell
  15. https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=myrtle+rust its probably not myrtle rust, but i'd try to get in touch with doc just in case. Ive seen alot of posters around wellington talking about reporting it
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