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  1. I can send you a deposit copy of the article as pdf as soon as it is published. But I'll have to send it to everyone who is interested personally via E-Mail. Unfortunately it will be in German. But I can add a translation. I'm afraid that I can't give you an English version in the exact same layout because of copy rights. But I will speak with our chief editor. Maybe she can make an exception.
  2. Hello again, and thank you for your responses so far. I’m sorry if there was a misunderstanding. I never ever intended to just copy-paste some of your replies and use them for my article. The idea was to get in contact with some people affected by the Manuka industry. If you have a story to tell, I will always contact you personally. After an interview, I will always send you your statements that I intend to use for the article to get your permission for the release. In my opinion this is the way of how good journalism should be done, but of course I know it doesn’t always work that way. I’m not a trained journalist. I’m a biologist and worked for over ten years with honeybees, analyzing their behavior and studying the side effects of Varroa treatments like oxalic acid on honey bees. I also started beekeeping about four years ago. My intention of working for a bee-journal was to build a bridge between science and beekeepers. The Manuka story is interesting because a lot of our readers will have no idea of this problem. We always want to spread awareness to beekeeping in other countries. I will try to get as many statements for this article as possible because there are different sides to the story. I already contacted a big Manuka company and asked them for their statement. I also contacted the MPI and DOC for their opinions. I know a forum like this is not the best place for such requests. I totally understand that many of you are skeptical, but often it is the only way for us to get in contact with persons affected by the issue. Thanks again for all your input so far!
  3. Hello to all you NZ beekeepers, I’m a journalist from the German bee-journal (Deutsches Bienen-Journal) in Berlin and currently working on an article about the so called Manuka-crisis in New Zealand. I researched a lot and already talked to some members of Apicultural NZ about overstocking farm sites and local beekeepers being pushed out of their areas from bigger companies. But we really like to give our readers some firsthand experiences by local beekeepers affected by the developments. So we would be glad if you have a personal story to tell and are willing to share it with our readers. In Germany we had no Idea of this situation until reading an open letter from John Berry in Bee Culture. So we really want to address this subject. We won’t state your name if you wish to stay anonymous. I hope it is okay to make such demands in this forum, but for the article I really like to give an insight on what is happening on local beekeepers-level. Unfortunately I can’t come to New Zealand myself (love to see the country one time though) so this seemed like a good possibility for investigation and to get some experiences form persons concerned. Here are some of the problems I would like to accompany with personal experiences/stories in the article: - Beekeepers pushed from their land, maybe even being threatened - Beekeepers loosing hives due to overstocking or poisoning - Fishy methods of other beekeepers wanting to put their hives in your neighbourhood - Beekeepers , who are no longer able to pay high prices to landowners for putting their hives there - Or maybe you had some positive experiences and even benefited from these changes Is the hype about Manuka and problems involved pushed by the media or is it really an ongoing problem for New Zealand beekeepers (especially hobbyist beekeepers)? Please excuse my bad English-skills. I hope you get what I'm trying to ask. Looking forward to your responses!
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