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  1. Finally got a chance after all the rain we've had to check the 1st hive. I had reduced the frames down to 5 last week. Checked today and spotted the new queen but couldn't spot any eggs. A lot more visible nectar and will try another inspection again this weekend and include the second hive however without pulling out frames, this one looks positive with stronger numbers and activity, so fingers crossed it has a mated queen and is back to building back up the numbers. If there is a queen and no eggs (assuming my eyesight is OK!!!) , how do I know if the queen has mated? Looking at her are there any visible signs?
  2. Thanks Doughy, given there were so many queen cells, you dont think I should wait? I'm out of time but if nothing happens in the next few days (no visible queens), I could get one this weekend. Depending on the other hive when I pull it apart tomorrow, I may need 2!!
  3. ######, haven't checked on them for 2-3 weeks and noticed the entrance was really quiet over the last 2 days. Are these queen cells? There were 6 in the first hive (all empty). I noticed these 2-3 weeks ago. Should I have destroyed them to stop the swarm?? Pulled the hive apart and noticed about 6 wax moth cocoons with 2 grubs crawling around and promptly destroyed them No eggs, no capped honey (was about to pull a couple of frames this weekend) and proceeded to reduce the 14 frames down to 8 and could probably go to 5 with only 30% of the bees left. Couldn't spot a queen but will check again this weekend. Froze the frames with comb and the 2 frames that also had wax moth cocoons. Ran out of daylight but quickly check to other hive and it to, looks like its swarmed. Will pull apart tomorrow.
  4. Bart

    Hive sizes

    Nicebit of gear (y). Is that a remote in your left hand? Are you lifting the whole hive using the ratchet strap?
  5. Bart

    Hive sizes

    Thanks for the info Chorrylan. Wasn’t aware of the differences and great information to know. Seeing both Aus & NZ follow the same standards for electricial & Plumbing, my assumption was everything would be the same. How youve proven this to be incorrect!!! I make all my own box's and bases so the exact sizing doesn’t really matter as I will just apply the nearest sizing from the reply to compare and form a decision on which way to go
  6. ...For those of you that have been keeping bees for a number of years and have greater than 15 hives, what size lang's do you now prefer? Im going to be making up a stack over winter to be ready for Aug/Sep 2017 and are tossing around doing just one size for brood and supers: If the standard box will be 8 or 10 frame, deep 240mm, 3/4 (WSP) 190mm, Manley (medium) 168mm or just simply have a standard brood box and separate super of the above size's Note: my aim is primarily to build for honey production with up to 30 to 50 hives over the next few years but mindful of the back breaking weight of a full depth hive.
  7. Do you have any issues with water sitting on the flat bottom of the grip or is the blades slightly angled?
  8. oh, I like the look of these. Looks just a little safer than sliding a circular saw up and down a ramp!!!
  9. 17 best images about Workshop French Cleat Storage on Pinterest | Hand tools, Epiphany and Planes
  10. ok, now I get the picture, thanks.
  11. Hi Trev, what sort of hose do you use? Id made a bee vac a month ago and initailly bought some 32mm grey water hose (like the type they use on caravans) but it gave such an ear pearcing whistle that I couldnt use it. I then used some grey suction water pipe thats quite heavy and expensive. it got the job done, but Id like something much lighter.
  12. ....so I spent at least, 30 min, no wait, 30 sec drawing this! So yours has 2 seperate tanks big enough to put a deep in each side with the fire pit in the middle?
  13. [quote="dansar, post: 163058, Dansar, how do you make your hand grips? Yours looks like it may be using a circular saw but as straight cuts? Ive tried the circular saw on a ramp method, and are a little uneasy/not satisfied with the result. May build a jig for my table saw instead.
  14. Thanks all, 19mm dressed pine is what Ive started to make mine out of as well and just thought I'd check with some of you more experienced beeks. I picked up some 17mm structural grade ply today for $35 a sheet (limited supply packs) for around 1/2 the price of Bunnings (which is great as Im not a big supporter of this chain anyways!!!) which I'II make some nucs, traps and a nice French Cleat tool board with. Im sick and tird of spending 15min to look for a tool to do a 2 min job :-()
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