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  1. I’ve figured out and told others that having bees has gotta be the most expensive way possible to get free honey, and addictive too. Commercial option... nah I reckon need years of experience to do it right and it seems a pretty cut throat industry.
  2. Hmm... thanks Trev. I guess mistakes are part of learning, not the first and won’t be the last. now to get myself out of this pickle... if I knock off any emergency cells this week, and leave another week would it still be too risky to reunite? Or knock off cells this week then next week add/create grafts from a better temperament queen creating another hive? I’d prefer not to grow my apiary further, but I don’t want to unnecessarily risk my new queen either.
  3. @Josh will the staples last through winter, would you replace them during winter or wait until spring? Or is it dependant on the hive.
  4. Is there any risk to fresh queens only just mated using OA/GL staples, have been reading the 100 page thread and have held off until finished reading to be best informed before jumping in.
  5. I have split a double brood box hive to help requeen, added the queen cell to the queenless box, she has hatched looks mated but not quite laying yet. I have just today dispatched the old “angry queen” in the other box to be able to reunite using the newspaper method. Is tomorrow too early? Should I wait until the new queen is laying? The new queen also has a honey box still on (About to remove) should I reunite on top of the honey box or under with newspaper both sides?
  6. From a beginner... 1, I would melt down wax for re-use. 2, Freeze components for a couple of days to kill eggs,larvae that remain.
  7. Here is a photo, struggled a little with the sizing for upload
  8. @DeeGeeBee I have not yet merged or combined hives, is there much risk to the queen of the good hive? or is the process fairly straight forward and safe?
  9. I gave this a try, cutting the centre out of the plastic frame, all but about 25mm at the top. The frame sat true now. The bees continued the comb all the way down to the bottom of the frame, nice and straight. its going to make nice cut comb?
  10. What great info from @Beefriendly & @M4tt creating and sharing that temperament scale. Here I was thinking my hives were mostly calm and friendly. Turns out at best I have a couple of 5/10 the others range to 7/10 & maybe an 8/10.
  11. After the advice given I think I will save the best two looking queens and put into nucs until after Xmas then intro them as mated queens. I’ll try then to graft more for the remaining hives.
  12. @GoEDthanks, there is much to learn with many choices to be made along the way, only experience or guidance from experienced people on this site to minimise bad decisions, and any bad choices made are always something to learn from.
  13. Hi all, I have managed to successfully graft some queens to requeen my hives, should I dispatch existing queens and add cells in the hair roller type cages to the hives or let them hatch and introduce then as virgins. I have enough resources to have a couple of mating nucs but not enough for the 5 cells I have. Three of my hives are strong enough double box hive that I could temporary split and then add cells of virgins to the temp boxes as full size mating nucs and then when mated dispatch queen. Just coming into main flow should I split and depower? Should I risk dispatch of
  14. Thanks @Trevor Gillbanks I'm thinking I will give the paradise hiveware a try, @kaihokaI'm probably somewhat naive in my optimism that being a small self contained hobbyist I am at low risk of AFB. ( paranoid optimistic... every time a find anything my first thought/fear is AFB) @john berry true there ain nothing wrong with wood, been used by many for a long time, have had thoughts also of sourcing some quality woodware with dovetail joints and clear varnishing... actually I think maybe I already spend too much time looking at and in my hives.
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