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  1. I apologize for not having a good time, but hives have become a lot and a lot of work! Good luck to all
  2. Fellow beekeepers hope hope not affected by the earthquake with you! I wish you sincerely fastest recovery. Be healthy
  3. It depends on the weather but my minimum yield of 35 kg max my 125 (Bakfast)
  4. Excuse me, I have a lot of work and only night I manage to pour. To really english is my weakness, but I try as much as I can translate properly! Program - aid to EU Parlamet! I know that in your eyes some work here are funny and silly impossible, but here it is reality! Much corruption and weak, very weak control! I am a beekeeper, not for help from the EU! But take aid to as much luck And that's the problem! We do not control who is responsible for bee health and the therapeutic many false!
  5. Мy personal opinion about this sponsorship by the state through programs and funds and a very big knife with two blade !!! Everyone wants to become a beekeeper! As each comes to mind heals. Almost everyone "knows" how to make mothers and offspring And before programs beekeepers are counted on the fingers. Many beekeepers, honey and much much much unfair competition. Bring down the quality of honey and other products. And how diseases bred not true !!! Well this is because of "good" programs!
  6. Does interested colleagues to swap and share experience? You really arouse interest ?
  7. How do you sell your harvest honey? The state buys you your honey? Many big difference in the price of 5 Nucleus framework -full !!!
  8. Colleagues how much a young family with you and a good beehive (without bees)
  9. hello I realized that joke on my back, but there is no problem My personal opinion about Nozevit that is invaluable in the fight nosematosis. For my security put it 2 times 2 times in spring and late autumn. Always put it in dosage in combination with liquid food (inventory of syrup) Definitely works. Also give additional stimulants (vitamins) in the liquid food (inventory of syrup) after I gave Nozevit. And my English is not a native but a third language which I'm trying to talk!
  10. Evaporator with tissve soaked formic acid Paper soaked in formic acid
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