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  1. The only law that will solve all these issues, is the natural and inevitable law of attrition. The major players invented a world of greed where now every farmer and wannabe beekeeper feels entitled to a share of a created pie, despite all logic or common sence saying this does not work. Three years ago I was asked to consult on a commercial manuka planting proposition as I had no bees in the area. It took me less than 5 minutes to tell them not to bother. There were six seperate landowners within 2km of planting block, with two of them of 1ha in size. I told them each land o
  2. NZ has had co-op or single desk selling for most of the last 100 years with the PPMD morphing into the HMA which was finally dismantled In the 70's. Add to this the Honey Co-Op based out of Timaru that lasted 50 years. You could also argue the major players such as Arataki, Airborne Honey, Pure NZ Honey, and now Midlands are defacto co-ops as those companies have large loyal supply bases. No the problem we have is we now produce three times more honey than we have done in the history of Beekeepeing in NZ, and we blindly expect the existing sellers to work harder to mo
  3. Very interesting report @Adam Boot. Thanks. Sorry, while you don't deserve a 'but' I need to add one. The unfortunate side of chasing the high value/low volume side of any product, is what happens to the remaining volume, and what effect it has on an industry. For the last ten years the major players have been telling the world if it isn't Manuka, it's not worth eating. They were so successful with this message, that when MPI created a standard that only allowed a small% of product to meet the "new" standard, who on earth would touch the rest of the honey produced in NZ.
  4. Probably from us. I better pay some money so you can private message me. As an aside, I always thought Rata crystallised very quickly, but never extracted any.
  5. I wouldn't swap that experiance for a truck load of Manuka eight days a week. Might not pay the bills, but Pure magic.
  6. More like a small hill. Its a great place to eat your lunch and a massive bonus of no cell phone coverage, but really tough on crops. Three years ago a -5 frost 1st week of January killed all the flowers less than a week into harvest. Last year an extreme heat wave stopped flow like a knife mid January, and this year it didn't rain for three months so flowers stopped producing after a week. And honestly I don't give a toss about those problems as money has never been my motivator as I love the environment and dealing with the various crews working the farms up there.
  7. Only found out you were on gate after I got home. Disappointed I couldn't catch up. Tried last week but you had gone home. I don't need an excuse for a coffee if you are ever passing home base.
  8. Locally we have always tried to practice "No blame No shame" to AFB and this has worked well among the many like minded beekeepers where strange events/outbreaks randomly have happened over last 30 years. Sadly this has broken down in recent times mainly from so many new entrants in area that do not want to participate in our local social systems, and a lack of a National AFB push to have local operators directly involved in AFB inspections/diseasathons/information type days. Yes there are the operators that deliberately do not manage their AFB (why is always a mystery to me)
  9. John the next step will be determined Monday when results are announced but it has been clearly stated by all groups that a type of research levy will be on the table. You continually confuse this vote as a levy on research vote, while the rest of us have seen this vote as a greater industry administration vote. The two should never have been put together.
  10. Had the privilege of meeting Mr Stratford a few times in his early days and yes he was an amazing man, and had all the values that made our industry great. Sadly the modern corporatised Comvita is a shadow of what he saw as his vision. You will never be "the shinys peasant" unless you want to as you can always say NO, and if you really are working in partnership, saying NO soon develops into another option. Been there, done that.
  11. This is not completely directed at you @Kiwifruiter but to everyone who is jumping on the "bag"' honey exporter/marketer bandwagon. Before NZ tripled the volume of hives, we always needed to export one third of our production to keep prices stable. We now have three times the honey, and NZ honey consumption per capita is actually falling, primarily because of price and anti sugar brigade. So we need companies to get on planes, and invest many many dollars at all levels of supply chain to solve our over supply problem. Yes some rules have changed (right or wrong) but
  12. This is as close to what I would call old fashioned raw honey, without the bee stings, so we'll done. Already have this size operation in my long term plan, but not quite yet.
  13. Thanks for the replies. IMO anything below 48deg C is normal processing to get through gravity filter bags and at this temp, no damage is done to any honey weather creamed or liquid. I really don't want to add the word Raw to my labels, but under sales pressure in some markets from those who do have Raw on their labels. These other competitors are doing nothing wrong, but it is getting tiresome explaining to customers there is no difference, knowing they probably don't believe me. Not the biggest issue on the planet, just trying to decide what to do.
  14. I am curious to know what the current definition of RAW honey is. Traditionally raw honey was unfiltered and was defined by stuff (wax, bees bits etc) floating on top. Very simple. In 2019 a lot of jars have "Raw" added to labels and customers are saying they only want raw honey, not ours because, ours has been processed by machines in a factory. That comment could have been fine except I knew I had processed and packed the other persons honey. Both honeys were identical from start to finish, but the word "raw" made perception different with consumer. We do
  15. Unless constitutional law has suddenly changed, "newly elected board members" only become official seat holders at the end of an AGM, so any vote held at the AGM will be carried out under the watch of incumbent board members. Unless there is something I am really missing, it will be impossible for new captured levy payers to vote for 2019 board members, as they are not members until levy money is paid. Apinz rules state, levy increase can only happen at AGM by majority vote. If you are now stating today, Apinz have changed your written rule to now include a weighted proxy vote
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