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  1. They have only got a couple of the late autumn splits. Not my bigger hives.
  2. Not queen wasps. Have seen and killed some of those too. These are the “normal “ wasps!
  3. On checking hives today a couple of sites have a lot of wasps hassling them. Lost a couple of weaker splits to them even. Is this a normal thing or just because of a mild winter. Wasn’t expecting this problem until autumn!
  4. Seaweed brew provides many minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Can be mixed in with your sugar syrup.
  5. Locator beacon, adrenalin and anti histamine needs to be a part of any beekeepers basic kit. You could have a serious systemic reaction at any time regardless of previous reactions.
  6. Adrenalin vials in nz are glass without rubber bungs. They need to be snapped off and could break but not likely if you put your thumb on the marked "dot" on the vial
  7. I think they get one jar. I'm assuming that is pr season.
  8. My son and I would be interested please. Sent an email expressing an interest.
  9. Just heard a friends friend in auckland pays the beekeeper $50 or month for him to have two hives in her garden!
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