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  1. Well @M4tt maybe I am the only one. ...I understand Apistan is lipophilic and is taken up by wax but to what extent? And does it get into honey. An article by Ceracel (notwithstanding the obvious potential for bias) explains the mechanisms of Apistan and in a circumstance such as I describe above the only way Apistan would get into the honey is by incomplete filtration (of wax particles). This inherently makes sense. While I’m not advocating harvesting the honey for consumption if there was a big excess I’d contemplate trying a bar myself. ???? https://www.ceracell.co.nz/articles/the-truth-about-apistan/
  2. Prior to going abroad for 2 months (November /December) my top bar had a very high mite count that i had been unable to reduce with AOV. So I used Apistan (for the first time) for those 8 weeks. In hindsight this period would have been early honeyflow. What does this mean as far as honey is concerned?? The hive has good stores and I’d planned to leave any honey for the bees and possibly harvest surplus next spring.
  3. I am finding in season 3 with a couple more hives it’s a constant learning curve. Part of it is having confidence when to intervene and when to leave alone. I thought a while back I was going to loose the topbar and talked to a queen raiser about requeening. He advised to leave and await supercedure. A month later found a lovely queen and now it’s my strongest hive. So there are ups as well as downs. Fascinating
  4. No not x combed at all. Lost 2/6 but the other came from a secondary swarm that never did well and in hindsight I should probably have requeened
  5. OK. @M4tt you were right on the money. Deadout! Some capped cells with dead fully formed bees. A few with dead lava that didn’t rope out - looked more like sac brood. I’ve taken a few samples of these and will send in for analysis.
  6. 400 thread count Egyptian cotton worked well but don’t tell her indoors
  7. Thanks @M4tt will look tomorrow
  8. Thanks @M4tt will look tomorrow
  9. Clear evidence of robbing of a balcony Warre hive 2 days ago. Lots of bees in front and wax scrapings outside the entrance. I reduced the entrance to one bee width and covered with wet sheet. The number of robbers rapidly abated. That evening we got rain through Saturday. There little activity this morning and no further wax scrapings (since I closed it down). The occasional wasp around and one seen going into the entrance this am. I’d thought of leaving it another day (forecast fine in AKL) then inspecting tomorrow. Thoughts please.
  10. Yep. And interestingly I couldn’t find the constituents listed anywhere my wife thought she’d email the company but they’re bound to say it’s ok.
  11. Is this flower pest deterrent safe around bees. “Harmless to people, pets and the environment”?
  12. I would have hoped that posting on the section designed for alternative beeping, someone with an experience in Warres might provide something helpful like strip the comb out and let them start afresh. Dissapointing to wake up to the above. As this forum was my 1st port of call I guess I’ll go elsewhere
  13. 2 new Warres with this seasons swarms have rapidly expanded. One of these on inspection Friday revealed marked cross combing in the new comb in box 3 (from top). How best to manage this?
  14. Ps. There are some vids on my fb page https://m.facebook.com/bees.urban.nz/ Haven’t figured how to load them onto NZ ?
  15. They love me and I’m honoured oh Pink one
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