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  1. I have tried to fill in the poll, but because I already do thermal treatments some of the questions do not present any option which applies to me, but they are compulsory. Sorry therefore I cannot participate. I am a hobby beekeeper for just 3 years experimenting with thermal treatments with various success. I am totally against chemical treatments for many reasons and I do not like acid treatments. So far I can say thermal treatment is no option for commercial beekeepers at least using the methods I know of. It takes me about 2 hours per hive per treatment and I treat at least twice a year bu
  2. Yes, keen to watch as well. Will keep an eye on this forum, please anyone to publish if you know.
  3. That sounds like a wonderful project! I have been on a similar path and I am happy to share ideas. Just that I am in Auckland and therefore not close to Timaru is a bit of a problem, but if there are ways to help I would love to get in touch.
  4. Claire, interested in having a chat brainstorming about crazy (bee) business ideas.
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