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  1. Scissor clamp. I am thinking about playing with one for my mother in law now as she can no longer lift boxes. It may even come in handy for me when I'm feeling lazy.
  2. Try using cooking oil to remove the adhesive. Or there is a product called de-solv-it which is a citrus based cleaner. One of them should do it.
  3. I started last year with one nuc, then two, then a swarm and now I am running 13 hives. Don't underestimate the gear you will need.
  4. I'd be all over it if I wasn't heading to a meeting in half an hour. If its there later on I will give it a loving home. Have you got a location for it?
  5. I'd be all over it if I wasn't heading to a meeting in half an hour. If its there later on I will give it a loving home.
  6. They are currently in the process of relocating the clubrooms to a different location and there are plans to convert a shipping container as their extraction room. I'm sure an email from the BOP club to FBC would shed some light on what is involved. I haven't had time to get involved in it over the last few months so only have limited knowledge of the progress to date.
  7. Thanks for that @ChrisM , that confirms what I was thinking. I might do some further research into who is about in my area re this. While the bee club is available for use, managing my time to get all my boxes there when I need to is the hardest part of the whole process. Being able to do the job when I can is a much better option for me.
  8. My only question is? Has someone got an outline of the physical requirements of said kitchen/area for extraction and processing under NP1. I have worked in the food industry for years and could build a clean room without thinking but from what I can see the kitchen at home is acceptable as long as you can tick all the boxes and prove that you are managing your processes correctly. Has anyone got some info they can share about their set-up please?
  9. My sample only had 2 varroa. The only treatments that hive had was vaporised oxalic in spring. Those two are off hand in hand to Europe as well the lucky little sods. If only numbers were that low all the time.
  10. Find your self some bracken on the side of the road or some other similar fern and just shove it in the feeder. This just provides a ladder for the bees to come and go and prevents/reduces drownings. Put plenty in so there is always something for them to grab onto whatever the level of syrup.
  11. I might be able to come and have a look at what we can do about it if there is nobody else putting their hand up. I can't guarantee exactly when at this stage until I check the calendar. Watch this space.
  12. @Trevor Gillbanks I know I remember reading it or discussing somewhere or with someone but I can't find it. Just to clarify re the use of MAQS with the hive doctor base. Boxes forward on base to open entrance fully. Is there a need to restrict the partial ventilation in the base in any way?
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