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  1. Hi beeks thanks for all the replies.
  2. Just checked my hive after the winter. There were some pollen in the frames and frames with honey. One grame had larvae and drone cells. Does this mean that the swarm is preparing for the new season? Also I assume that there is a queen somewhere because I cannot seem to find her! can someone advise please?
  3. Thanks for all the comments I take note of it and what the best practice is. Always good to get it right. Is the a hobby group in Te Puna or Bethlehem or Tauranga?
  4. So I am a hobby beekeeper, what do I do with surplus honey? I have read MPI rules and it is costly if you have only 1 hive. Any suggestions? I am in Omokoroa.
  5. Hi, I am new to NZ beekeeping. I used to have 12 hives in South Africa as a hobby and would like to start in NZ only with 1 hive in the garden. Is there any beekeepers in the Omokoroa area that is willing to share their knowledge please?
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