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  1. The ants I have/had are, from Maggie's description are Darwin ants as my apiary is just over the hill from Lyttelton. We have them at home in St Martins too (Christchurch southern suburb). The gauge of wire I used was I'm guessing 1mm, two lengths. I haven't replenished grass so will check hives tomorrow. Thanks for tip about moisture I wondered why the green grass was effective.
  2. Well I tried both the green grass under the hive lid and the copper wire stapled to the floorboard methods with two different hives. Went back two days later and no ants in either hive! The ants definitely didn't like the copper wire when I first installed it, stopping their trail. It'll be interesting if it works in the long term! I removed ants and eggs from under the lids before I did the two methods so disturbing them may have helped.
  3. No coreflute, I use polystyrene.
  4. I only had a quick look in the honey supers as I didn't have my bee suit with me, I saw ant eggs in the top of one of the hives. I'll take a proper look through the hives tomorrow. My plan at this stage, is to put the honey frames in the freezer to destroy the ants in the hives I'll try the green grass method in combination with stapling some copper wire I have laying around in my garage. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. Hi. I've got an infestation of ants in 3 of my 4 hives. They have taken a liking to the honey supers that I left on as there wasn't enough honey that was worth harvesting. A workmate of mine told me that ants won't cross copper. So I was thinking an easy, cost effective way to stop them getting into my boxes would be to staple some copper wire around the bottom board. Has anyone tried this?
  6. I took the "hopelessly optimistic" route and my hive swarmed 4 times! Luckily they moved to my (very understanding) neighbors lemon tree and I managed to recapture each one.
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