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  1. Yep but now I can fill in the hole and I don't have to move the hive
  2. Yep sure is, I can guarantee it didn't kill the rabbit!
  3. It looked like it, a lot of dead bees and stings in the rabbit
  4. Nature can be cruel, it sure pays to pick where you set up home
  5. No sorry I don't, cant help you with that one.
  6. I think there has been a number of comments regarding the types of red clover and the ability of bees tongues being long enough to reach the nectar, the girls in this apiary don't seem to have any trouble on whatever type this is. They were certainly working the white and red/pink clover on Friday.
  7. The frames look like this so is it clover the processor assessed it as clover. What do you think? The 250 acres has pink clover at one end and white clover at the other. The frame colours are similar at apiaries at each end.
  8. Sad though it is there a lots of Kiwis that rely on the pines for an income, just like the farmers and the rest of us that use up our resources to make a living. We are on a hiding to nothing with 8 million tons of plastic waste flowing into our oceans every year and that set to increase at least ten fold in a decade. Anyways back to the Tutu, here is a picture from over our side fence of the pines. The willows border the Aropaoanui River and the Tutu seeds once the logging has finished and populates the river banks and roadways.
  9. I must remind them that Lake Tūtira is closed to all swimming and water activities due to the level of pollution and when it rains the Aropaoanui River often flows green right out to the sea once it clears the silt from the ever changing estuary.
  10. Yep, they get carbon credits too and the amount of debris that ends up in the streams and rivers is appalling. The irony here is on a hot day they knock on the door and ask to fill their water bottles from our taps as the river they usually use is too dirty from their logging.
  11. Our place is 2.5 acres that was part of a 6,000 acre sheep and beef farm that had been cleared. 2,000 acres have been in pines for 28 years are being harvested, another 2,000 acres of cleared sheep and beef farm have been sold and planted with pines a few kilometers up the road and the Tutu just spread along the roadside once one or two establish themselves
  12. I notice the Tutu are spreading up this way as more land is used for pine plantations and the trees colonize the roadsides at the edge of the plantations that often border onto farmland. I don't think I will get anymore honey off my home apiary this year between the honey dew from the willows and the Tutu, the scolypopa are in high numbers around here now.
  13. That's a valid interpretation, if Alastair though did not use the supers with the intention of producing honey for export and only bred bees and sold the nucs then I dont think it would apply. I see also the numbering requirement is not required until December 2018 although the company I took my honey supers was in every way compliant with the new documentation using the MAF codes for apiary sites as identification.
  14. Thanks frazzledfozzle you prompted me to re-read the notice, Alastair may be in the clear as the notice applies to the following: Ministry for Primary Industries Page 6 of 29 Part 1: Preliminary provisions 1.1 Application (1) This Notice applies to: a) all bee products intended for export; and b) all beekeepers supplying bee products for export; and c) all operators of premises carrying out secondary processing of bee products for export; and d) all exporters of bee products; and e) all operators of recognised laboratories that carry out laboratory tests for the purposes of Parts 5 and 6 of this Notice. (2) To avoid doubt: a) this Notice covers all bee product exports regardless of whether the importing countries require official assurances or not; and b) export includes selling bee products to overseas buyers using the internet platform; and c) the term “mānuka” (i.e. with the macron), “manuka” (i.e. without the macron) and “maanuka” are the same term with the same meaning for the purposes of this Notice.
  15. I have four hives with one super each just about fully capped and surrounded by Willows that are dripping with honey dew from the GWA. The bees are starting to work the honey dew now, any tips on what to do from here? Harvest whats there now?
  16. I will be up there when the weather clears in a couple of days and I will post some pics and we can put it to the test. There is a large gully than runs through the property with natives and and a few eucalyptus but the bees seem to be working none stop on the clover. I am still learning so it will be a good test.
  17. One of our sites has 250 acres of pasture dominated by clover, the recent rains have brought it on even more. The only problem I have is the farmer keeps upping the stock numbers because the feed is so plentiful.
  18. Just had a look at the local willows and I see the honey dew has started from the GWA so I expect the wasps will be next I haven't seen any yet this season. I killed five nests last year and I discovered they will fly up to 5 kms for the honey dew so makes finding he nests near impossible. The honey dew is dripping off the trees but no obvious signs of scolypopa yet and the bees are steering clear of the willows.
  19. Does it really matter, I thought the value was in wound dressing as there if no efficacy in beneficial effects in the eating of Manuka Honey. Ultimately wont it come down to the honey, its medicinal benefits and not the name?
  20. Friends of mine bought a flow hive and it was found queenless in November and I haven't heard how it has progressed but they had a couple of frames of honey they salvaged. Flow hive honey
  21. Should be a lot of testing done this year then based on the number of reports of an early dry season
  22. Interesting that we continue to receive the warnings, I am looking forward to the feedback from the APINZ on their view of the pest management strategy
  23. That is very true so are you or anybody else conducting a pest management assessment and/or intending to make a cost benefit analysis of the rising impact of tutin in honey due to climate change? Where would it sit on the list of priorities?
  24. Well just chill out, lay back and be prosecuted for failing to provide a safe workplace.
  25. I have just removed a large tutu tree from my place and I had a really good luck all over it and there was no sign of them.
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