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    BHBI will be conducting a weekend workshop for members and other interested beekeepers at the Guthrie Smith Arboretum, Tutira, north of Napier. The workshop starts on the Friday evening of 19 July and runs through to lunchtime on the Sunday 21 July. The first session on Saturday morning will be conducted by Lynda Newstrom-Lloyd (Trees for Bees) and Chris Ryan who is the resident Arborist. The Arboretum has an Education Centre and bunk style accommodation for up to 50 and a well appointed Kitchen. Chris and his team have recently planted a hillside dedicated to bees and although nothing is likely to be flowering we will use the opportunity to share in Lynda and Chris's knowledge on why they have planted what they have and what to expect as both the trees and plants grow. The Arboretum can be viewed here http://www.guthriesmith.org.nz/ More to follow
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    Club Meeting on 2 May 2019 starting at 7 pm at Pakowhai Community Hall, Pakowhai Road, Pakowhai. Agenda includes a presentation from Deanna Corbett: "Your Bees and the Reverse Butterfly Effect" "Whether you're established or a new beekeeper, whether you see yourself as a part of the commercial industry or a solo hobbyist, neither you or your bees are immune to changes in the beekeeping environment and market in the last year or so. Let's have a look at what's changed, and why some very big picture events can impact your small backyard. We'll have a bit of crystal ball-gaze at what we expect to happen next, and what you can do to make sure your bees survive and thrive in a new landscape." Look forward to seeing you there.
  3. Great idea Tony and appreciate your openness about where your hives are at. My guess, and it is a guess, that there are many viruses lurking in our hives most of the time and it only becomes a problem when bee health is compromised, when does this happen, I have no idea other than the obvious signs. Like the rest of the living world really.
  4. I agree and it is a major concern of how rapidly they are spreading throughout the country, they are particularly aggressive and very resilient as I understand it.
  5. I don't have any Argentine Ants in any of my apiaries but I am aware of them being in others and the beekeepers are managing them with ant poison in small containers under the hive lids, they report some success with this and no effect on the bees.
  6. I think the worse thing Trevor is DeeGeeBee's reference to the scam operating detailed in the letter from the Dow Jones and the phone calls attempting to harvest financial information
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    Beekeepers Hawkes Bay Incoporated is a Beekeeping Club consisting of over 45 members who range from small hobbyists to commercial beekeepers. Club nights are held at the Pakowhai Hall , Pakowhai Road, Pakowhai on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Last months club meeting was taken up by our first honey competition with 18 entries and the competition was very tight with four runners up. Kevin Tinker was the overall winner and proud recipient of a two storey ready to go hive donated by Farmlands at Whakatu. A big thank you to Farmlands for their support and our judges on the night David Hills and Alessandro Tarentini, unfortunately our third judge John Berry was ill on the night . We were sorry he couldn't make it but thankful for him sensibly keeping his bugs at home.
  8. I finished putting my OA Staples in yesterday after taking off the remaining supers prompting a robbing frenzy. I put it down to taking the supers off, what I did like was the ease of placing the staples in the hives. I have the same problem as Dansar with the home bees spending a lot of time around the garage today.
  9. They might use him as a levy collector
  10. BJC


    Hills laboratories test for it and the cost is around the $80+ mark they supply the small pottles and courier bags
  11. Lake Tutira about an hour north of Napier
  12. Too true but I heeded the warning, it was a shame that more wasn't said about it but the clinician concerned would often be subject to derogatory comments by some of his colleagues about just being a technician. In any event I do my best to stay away from the stuff and anything else that kills cells, plants or otherwise. Makes for tough gardening but.
  13. This was in 2003 and mainly in 30 to 40 year olds. It just made me aware how dangerous any chemicals are when they can enter your bloodstream so easily and many years down the track they find they are unsafe.
  14. They all have glyphosate as their active ingredient. I remember an experienced radiologist I worked with who was a meticulous recorder of his observations commenting on the high incidence of unusual cancers, generally in males who he believed failed to use PPE. He commented the chemicals would enter the body through the moist areas of the skin, eyes, nose, under arms and crotch areas generally. It was a rural area here in New Zealand where I had observed a disdain by some on using PPE claiming glyphosate was so safe you could drink it. All the unusual cancers came from agricultural workers.
  15. Just found these old vines clearing the back of the section they are now a top the very large silver poplars that are next on the list.
  16. Shame about this persistent rain the Linden tree is getting a hammering but the girls are making the most of it.
  17. I suppose it is better than alfalfa as I read that the flower shuts on the bees head once it enters the flower causing the bee to shake its head and therefore pollinating the plant, apparently one bee was stuck for 45 seconds struggling to get out.
  18. Do you gas the hives or the Beeks?
  19. Thank you, much appreciated, it sure does have a great fragrance and I am pleased to be able to release it from the wilds.
  20. Yesbut was right about Gyro Gearloose then
  21. I will get a photo when I feel like walking up the hill, might be a while though!
  22. 40 mm in an hour a couple of days ago and thunderstorms taking the power out was a change from the warm dry weather we have experienced over the past couple of months. The sky still has that look and feel of thunderstorms not far away. The clover has come away and the girls are loving it. The Kanuka is in full flower here and is the most prolific in the almost five years we have lived here. We have a bit of jungle on the other side of a small stream in front of our house that I hope to clear this summer. I tracked this bush with white flowers down by its fragrance you cant really see it among the privet saplings etc. No bees on it though despite the fragrance, anyone know what it is?
  23. Thank you that is very helpful we have about twenty of them suddenly appear in ground we have been weeding.
  24. Anybody know what this is? It along with a number of relatives have suddenly appeared around the garden here.
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