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  1. Yes it is quite distinctive, Flotum describes it as "light, minty flavored yet aromatic honey with a unique flavour that is not appreciated by everyone. If we get lots of wind the blooms are blown to bits and the bees miss out. Last years honey was significantly like this, I have to say though I struggle to describe honeys just like I struggle with describing wines, I either like them or don't.
  2. We have five Linden trees on our 2.5 acres, one of them is massive and was probably planted by the family who settled here in the 1850's that's about 100m from my hives the others are about 20m. They spend their time on the big one 100m away which flowers generally late November early December and has a scent that fills the whole of our back garden. I think there are a couple of varieties and are called Tillia. The Americans call it the Basswood tree and the story goes that "A. I Root planted a basswood orchard on the outskirts of Medina, Ohio and put his queen rearing operation in the hea
  3. Interesting isn't it, I could have sworn my bees were making the most of the Linden trees and Phacelia here and my pollen test came back with 52% clover 26% kanuka 11% trefoil and 11% other ??. I think I will sample the honey throughout the season rather than wait until the end and just see how it varies. It is much easier as a hobbyist.
  4. Hi there Maurice, Beekeepers Hawkes Bay have an extractor for use at a reasonable rate I would need to check but I think it may be $25, contact us on the club email at beekeepershbinc@gmail.com and we can see what we can arrange for you. Membership is $25 per year and being affiliated with APINZ members are eligible for discounted lab tests including Tutin. Sorry for the tardy reply but up to my armpits in alligators at the moment.
  5. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/02/antarctic-greenland-ice-melt-less-bad/ emphasis on less bad
  6. What did you do for your pollen test?
  7. Certainly there are signs of major horticultural entities looking to partner with reliable beekeepers for the pollination of clover and other vegetables. Discussions recently have suggested that farmers diversifying are more inclined to enter long term relationships to get their commodities pollinated and have evicted the short term Manuka chasers who are never there when the pollination is required.
  8. Flight cancelled no trip South and lots of civil defense action on the Westcoast I understand. 5mm of rain in two day here.
  9. Happy to take the lot but I might regret that when I visit Westport on Tuesday that is if I dont get blown out of the sky with the expected winds
  10. Hot and dry here we could desperately do with some of your rain from down south. 29 degrees on the Eastern Verandah this afternoon with the promise of more hot weather to come, no rain forecast for the next ten days.
  11. The USA had great difficulties with genetic diversity in relative recent times, we were fortunate to have met Megan Taylor a PhD student who had participated in identifying the demise of genetic diversity in the Queen breeding population relatively recently. The research looked at the comparison of USA genes compared to old world bees, the decline was massive and extremely serious leading to the import of germplasm from old world bees to inseminate local queens. Her earlier studies concluded "Although we tried to sample as many queen producers as possible, we were limited to the major queen
  12. That's the difference I guess my staples didn't absorb moisture but I would have thought that would have reduced the efficacy of the OA. I haven't been happy with the moisture in the hive but haven't noticed any detrimental effects
  13. Interesting you say that, I have only one hive that has over wintered in the dampest conditions under the shadow of a very large poplar tree. I lifted the hive mat and was concerned at the levels of condensation under the lid, this hive is a folly that we beginners sometimes make, a full depth box with a 3/4 depth of honey over winter. So now it has two 3/4 depths and a full depth with an intention to transition to 3/4 depth to support the transition to old age. The last couple of days I have been moving it meter by meter into the sun but I have to say it hasn't missed a beat with OA autumn
  14. I don't quite understand all the hype that is being generated here. You have an experienced beekeeper willing to share his ideas on OA, spend sometime and money developing a variety of prototype strips that we now call staples. He is conducting a carefully run trial to satisfy MPI of the treatment regime he has found successful, oh and he is prepared to help anyone who asks on how to use it, and how he mixes his OA and Glycerine. Many of us have given it a go, mixed are own, made our own staples, bought staples from someone else, got someone else to make us a brew to our specs. Some of us
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