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  1. BJC

    Are you a member of APINZ?

    They might use him as a levy collector
  2. BJC


    Hills laboratories test for it and the cost is around the $80+ mark they supply the small pottles and courier bags
  3. until
    The Club meets at 7p.m. on the first Thursday in the month at the Pakowhai Hall on Pakowhai Road, Pakowhai. Generally a committee meeting is held from 6.15 p.m. The February meeting will be focused on the trial honey competition to teach members what will be expected of them prior to the real thing at the March meeting.
  4. BJC

    Honey Price Collapse

    Lake Tutira about an hour north of Napier
  5. BJC

    Herbicide contamination

    Too true but I heeded the warning, it was a shame that more wasn't said about it but the clinician concerned would often be subject to derogatory comments by some of his colleagues about just being a technician. In any event I do my best to stay away from the stuff and anything else that kills cells, plants or otherwise. Makes for tough gardening but.
  6. BJC

    Herbicide contamination

    This was in 2003 and mainly in 30 to 40 year olds. It just made me aware how dangerous any chemicals are when they can enter your bloodstream so easily and many years down the track they find they are unsafe.
  7. BJC

    Herbicide contamination

    They all have glyphosate as their active ingredient. I remember an experienced radiologist I worked with who was a meticulous recorder of his observations commenting on the high incidence of unusual cancers, generally in males who he believed failed to use PPE. He commented the chemicals would enter the body through the moist areas of the skin, eyes, nose, under arms and crotch areas generally. It was a rural area here in New Zealand where I had observed a disdain by some on using PPE claiming glyphosate was so safe you could drink it. All the unusual cancers came from agricultural workers.
  8. BJC

    Honey Price Collapse

    Just found these old vines clearing the back of the section they are now a top the very large silver poplars that are next on the list.
  9. Shame about this persistent rain the Linden tree is getting a hammering but the girls are making the most of it.
  10. I suppose it is better than alfalfa as I read that the flower shuts on the bees head once it enters the flower causing the bee to shake its head and therefore pollinating the plant, apparently one bee was stuck for 45 seconds struggling to get out.
  11. BJC

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Do you gas the hives or the Beeks?
  12. Thank you, much appreciated, it sure does have a great fragrance and I am pleased to be able to release it from the wilds.
  13. BJC

    Oxalic and glycerine

    Yesbut was right about Gyro Gearloose then
  14. I will get a photo when I feel like walking up the hill, might be a while though!