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  1. My hands hate propolis if i even touch any of my gear without gloves its like wake up in the night with hands in deep fryer... then crack for 2 weeks take for ever to heel, seem to have it sorted now by wearing rubber chemical gloves, and being AWARE after 2yrs trialing different methods doctors dont know nothing ... use to work commercial beekeeper 15 yrs ago no problem. yesbut i cant spell
  2. All cleaned up. Good bunch at Mossops even got a jar of manuka an some tawiri honey.
  3. Sure did the Lady was very helpful,was just trying to make contact with owner as soon as possible as had to wait for office hours to get a answer which was the next day.
  4. Totally agree I would of been able to make contact 6pm yesterday finally talked to the man going up there this evening to show them an help clean it up.
  5. Thanks yes have done that just waiting to hear back. Need to edit That ITS D280 Ok its Mossops
  6. I Have Found some ones Hive boxes dumped, only been there a few days as still some bees there have contacted the police an reported this. Really want to help the owner get his boxes back as he may be unaware they are missing. All I have is the Registration number. unbelievable that some low life thinks this is how to get ahead. please let me know if you know who this rego is. D208
  7. ]So,I don't know about all you fellow Beeks but is anyone else interested in meeting other members of the forum there?? Yeah ill be there (y)
  8. [GALLERY=media, 996]GOPR2766 by Glen Paterson posted Nov 13, 2016 at 14:52[/GALLERY]Swarm of bees seems to be loving there new home queen laying well lots of nectar.
  9. Glen Paterson


    10 day old swarm drawn out there new frames queen left of center looking good.
  10. This was on the Milk tanker track on the electric fence after a quick check with the blade of grass confirming strong current a quick call to mate an got the electric fence turned off. Sure beats climbing a ladder.
  11. Beekeeping has got a a great future with kids likes this
  12. Mate told me he had swarm on his fence and it had been there for 2 days, Shot down to Edgecumbe an was pretty happy to brush the bees gently into a box all went to plan, Got a couple stings was good to. hopefully they will be happy in there new home an draw out the new frames an get busy. Was a awesome Buzz for my 7 year old who loves bee keeping he is happy with his new hive.
  13. Thanks Tomm I've caught swarms before but have never tried putting traps out. Going to be over the moon if i get one.
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