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  1. sorry didn't see your post before. i'm kinda all over the show at the mo. was out of action a bit last week with flu. call into the shed sometime during the week, just be aware its kinda (more like completely) nuts at the mo. its eat, sleep and extract. anyone who dares wake me up at home won't live long 🤣
  2. i'll be my usual blunt self and say only some of it is laziness. there is those who are anti establishment and they tend to get known and can be dealt with. the rest tend to be the fruit cakes. the "afb is a commercial disease" "afb checking is commercialism" "i only have 1 hive, 10 hives, 100 hives". "its the guy down the roads fault". "its all PMS" "i know what afb is even tho i have never seen it". its deny deny deny untill the problem is so big everything is dead. the other thing is i suspect there is a lot of under reporting going on. you hear from the staff what their procedures are, which are poor, and that afb is common. it gets found and gets dealt with, which is good, but nothing gets recorded so those with self induced problems are not identified. then its one sloppy beek away from outbreak central. one other thing is so many firms using part time staff. how many of these are good afb checkers? how many would be back next season? AFBPMP is only with company not with individual staff. with things getting tight i suspect many companies are using fewer and fewer beeks.
  3. We, the agency, currently seem to be trying to find and destroy AFB hives faster than the beekeepers can create them. one of the issues years ago is people left it up to the inspectors to find it and sort it. it doesn't work. not enough inspectors and to many hives. best way is to turn beeks into inspectors. i wonder if we should be making that compulsory as part of the beeks pms agreement. a lot of industry's these days have compulsory education as part of their licencing requirements. a few weeks doing a course every year or you don't get your license to practice. one of the issues with various trades is "industry rot" due to people not upskilling as the industry moves on.
  4. your drone hives will be appreciated 😎. there is a megaton of hives around you, drones should not be a problem.
  5. if your still in the same house you have two roads within range. that distance is nothing for queens to travel. however weather is the most common cause. but things like queen quality makes a big difference and also queen coming back to the wrong hive.
  6. exactly. thats the sort of thing that needs to be found. does water thats available to bees have lethal amounts of insecticide in it? water usage by bees is not straight forward. it would have to be lack of nectar and no other easy sources around. plus bees seam to prefer some types of water ie out of rocks etc you often see them lined up. there may be a narrow window of exposure when bees need it and enough insecticide has leached out of the soil and concentrated enough. plus not all bees drink. you don't see thousands of bees drinking at once even when there is a large amounts of hives. a small number constantly dieing off will certainly drain a hive of field bees. thats just it. here not many places constantly crop. a lot of frames rotate it as part of paddock management and paddocks are not left, they are reseeded with grass straight after.
  7. pity. water soluble insecticide, bees need water. fairly obvious link that would be first on my list to test.
  8. and what do bees need, water. if there is no plants for them to get dew or nectar off where do bees drink? didn't one of the gizzy flats test show lethal amounts in the water on the edge of the fields ??
  9. cut down cruiser by the looks of it.
  10. normally a factory item on landcruisers. sometimes it the gearbox that gives more trouble.
  11. i asked someone who knows a lot more about big trucks and who builds these sorts of trailers for warehouse use. basically the issue is they push the tow vehicle around. with trucks they have a long draw bar, the rear end of the truck is fairly stable, more robust braking systems, and they have a lot of weight to control it. with a ute its suspension is soft and tow ball is usually a good distance back from the axles so there is a lot of tow ball movement. combine that with a short draw bar you get a lot of draw bar angle which allows the trailer to move around or push the ute around. that gets massively compounded when driving offroad like @Philbee. that means its highly reliant on the trailer brakes to keep it in line. thats one thing light trailers are poor at. if the trailer braking system fails you won't know it until go into the corner or down hill, not only would you have to contend with the lack of braking, its being unstable which would make things really bad fast. what compounds this in light trailers is the ute has abs, traction control, big multi piston disk brakes, but the trailer has small brakes out of the 50's or 60's. the ute can simply out brake the trailer and the trailer simply pushes the rear of the ute around. add in the extra cost factor of a turntable and very good reliable brakes (can't use inertia brakes) it makes for an expensive trailer. as far as use goes the only practical use of this type of trailer for us would be shifting hives. a nice riding platform for the hives as you can fit some decent suspension. you don't get the tilt issues that a simple trailer has with long loads. downside is you would need sites you can turn around in as backing these trailers is a bit of a nightmare. also its pointless for shifting honey, either in supers or drums. small but heavy loads work really well on simple trailers. so i don't think we will be building one of these trailers.
  12. i got told a story many many years ago about japan students who had been studying over here, went home and collapsed. apparently its because of the big change in diet. their body get used to all the easy access nutrition we have, but when they go back to their old diet the body crashes.
  13. yeah i saw that. i see a couple of manufactures here do make them and i can't find anything to say light vehicles cannot tow them. in fact i did find that a light vehicle can tow up to 1.5 times its weight. so a ute can tow a 6 tonne heavy trailer. interesting. i will have to talk to family as they actually build some tho for offroad use. i wonder if they would be any better than a simple trailer for what we do.
  14. but afaik its not a "light trailer". i think light trailers require all axles together and fixed draw bar. would have to look that up. on COF no issue, but afaik its not a WOF trailer. i would be happy to be wrong.
  15. big question is, is it legal and is it on COF?
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