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  1. keep in mind thats almost 3 years ago. i think the bees will be long gone
  2. can you redo that web page. it downloads every single pdf when you go to it. those on slow connection will have a very long wait for the page to load. simple links to the pdf is all that is required.
  3. from what i've seen is they tend to proplise it and leave it. i wonder if its because it acts like a thick chunk of wax or burr comb.
  4. correct. there was people using scrapping machines a long time before revolutionary setup. the thing revolutionary did was to do it direct into a pail. unfortunately thats about the worse thing you can do to a frame. something you avoid doing during extraction. the flatten comb often gets sealed up and then ignored. its better to mush it all up, but then your breaking the comb right down at the bottom and not leaving much comb behind.
  5. its not really a true diff lock. it basicly engages a tight lsd.
  6. i will wait for @Dave Black to translate it first.
  7. i see on the news the idiocy continues with police making up their own laws. pump action rifles are not banned. you can legally buy an AR pump action. but they seam to think you cannot convert a semi into a pump action even tho there is nothing in the law to say you can't. they want to pay thousands of $$ buying back the semi so you can go buy a new pump action, so they don't have to spend a few hundred converting it into a legal rifle. this govt is mentally retarded. they need to use their "wellbeing" services.
  8. i suspect thats going to happen to a lot. there will be a lot of beeks walking away from blocks because land owner wants excessivly high rent.
  9. councils could not afford to police it so why bother makign rules.
  10. it would be good to get rid of open fires. but log burners are critical to life in many aeras. i remember a big snow storm went through taupo that took out the power for several weeks. people could not get lpg because gas stations don't work. if you live in snow country you must have a fireplace.
  11. don't get me started i will be here all night ! short version, its a massive waste of money that could actually be used to save lives. it does nothing except rip off kiwis. the stupid part of it is they have even banned many of the older rimfire rifles, including bolt action and lever action. firearms that no mass murderer would want to use. a lot of those rifles are owned by the older generations. these are the rifles that grandad used to tech grandkids how to hunt and shoot.
  12. i thought that was pretty simple. most of the emissions is simply down to our rather old car fleet. its not because a few people have big v8 suv's or a few have EV's. you need to look at the whole picture. its the 100,000's of old cars. most of them are owned by people who cannot afford late model cars that have lower emmsions. this new tax increases the price to replace those cars. so people will simply hold onto to those old cars. also many poor families buy a big people movers and have one car between 10 people. there is still 90's vans being imported which they love to buy. they love them, cheap and simple to fix. but they are not good on emisions so they will be heavly taxed (would have to check might be 30%+). so the people who cannot afford better low emision cars get taxed, so those who can afford lower emmision cars get a cheaper car. sounds fair ! ! add to that, because the tax increases the price for the cars that they could have bought, they simply hang onto their old higher polluting car for even longer. if someone can afford a 28k EV, they can afford a 30k EV. they are giving the discount to the wrong people. if you want to lower emisions then pay people to get rid of their older cars, not tax them so they have to keep them.
  13. the govt doesn't use logic.
  14. the pink cat is on the money. if you think its bad now, wait untill this season starts up. those with planted blocks better hope their crop can pass the standard.
  15. i have not heard of any list. all i will say is its the dumbest idea in history and it will not actually reduce emissions. for ever EV or low emission car sold, there will be hundreds, if not thounsands, of people hanging on to their old polluting car, instead of upgrading to a lesser polluting car as they would have normally done.
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