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  1. i'm not sure if they will pull that honey down if its in the comb. what you could do is smash the honey cells up a bit. then suspect they will clear it out. i would just put the feeder down between supers and brood boxes, make sure the bees have a path up and feeder is not full of liquid they could drown in. the bees will clean it up in minutes once they find it. they will be done before you can get strips.
  2. when you put the stickies back on you really need to a spacer between the hive and stickies. that way the tend to treat the stickies as outside the hive and rob it out. common one is to use a top feeder. typically only needs to be on a few days at most but if weather is to hot (wax moth) to go put them away, you can store them on the hive that way for a while. however longer they are on there the more chance they will put honey back in (assuming there is some flow) and rain can get in.
  3. what are the odds that its re-invasion from other hives nearby that have failed due to owners walking away from them or skimping on treatments ? in my experience resistance doesn't hit all at once.
  4. sorry but i think thats bad advice. it can make the situation worse and he may not be able to treat effectively when it doesn't work. beside i doubt he has anyway of being able to tell if it works or not, apart from a dead hive some months from now. best course of action is to go get some apivar asap. if he wants to go down the thymol route he can schooled up on it and get organised over winter, and do that next season.
  5. that company has done you a disservice the thymol and organic treatments are not straight forward. you need to know how to use them well and they carry a degree of risk, as their efficiency is somewhat variable. with thymol there is contamination issues to be aware of. not sure of your temps down there but it might be getting to cool for it to work well. frankly for a beginner, especially with only one hive, your far better off to use apivar. the curse is it comes in a big packet and really need to split it amongst a few beeks.
  6. just remember to wash EVERYTHING. no point buying stuff you can't wash.
  7. i think it might have been taiwan as well. there is a couple of countries that got onto it fast and their rates are really low, especially considering their population and most important population density. unfortunately nz infection rate is similar to Italy which is surprising due to our population density and age groups.
  8. the problem with walk away splits is you have the time for them to make a queen, then mating time etc before she starts to lay (assuming she actually gets mated). all that time the hive is declining and there won't be much time to rebuild before winter fully sets in. as crabee mentions its far better to take a strong hive through winter.
  9. i can't give a good answer because i havn't been in the hives for a while. however i suspect its to late. i'm not sure what drones are doing at the moment but weather has cooled right off and that usually triggers them into winter mode.
  10. i suspect they got the manufacture to get rid of it. i've heard of them doing that for mines vehicles in aussie. failing that they can rewrite the ecu and disable it all. common enough in utes. afaik its still total fire ban up here.
  11. we are partly shut down. the lads are running solo just to get wintering down done so we have hives to go back to later on.
  12. i think its about finished. talking to guys who had flights booked for bees but those flights are being cancelled. air travel around the world is shutting down and includes the airports, the control towers etc. for eg there is simply not enough flights to warrant manning some of the control towers. this is not just whats in canada but also the stop overs and also the airfields required for emergency landing. without those you have take a different route. large amounts of air fleets are being grounded as air travel grinds to a halt.
  13. imho a lot of it is up in the air at the mo because sites that used to get good $ manuka now only get bush honey. that puts pressure on the remaining good performing sites. stocking rates should be done by experience, but more often than not its down to how much $$$ the land owner wants.
  14. i would be getting rid of the rubber pads. you could simply be getting harmonics because it can move on the pads. if its only wobbling in one direction, normal culprit would be one basket isn't swinging over to its correct position. the other possibility is how the motor is mounted. reaction torque with the soft mounts. depending on gearbox setup it could also be worn bearings/mounts allowing the gears to move around creating slightly different speeds during the turn. one direction pulls gears into each other, the other direction pushes them apart.
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