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  1. tristan

    Herbicide contamination

    i wonder how they do the cleaning of the scrapping ? afaik its dissolved in solvent and the wax floats off. its then run through a separator and dried. would love to see the machinery they use for it. theres plenty of rubbish that gets in with the scrapping. bits of mite strips, bit of wood treatment from the boxes etc.
  2. tristan

    Herbicide contamination

    i've heard of a few different ways from freezing it off to just dunking it in solvent.
  3. tristan

    Herbicide contamination

    its in its early days. they are looking at chemical reactions in the home, phthalates being one of them. if i see anything that may be related i'll let you know. i wonder about dissolving propolis off plastic hive mats. possible leaching it out with the solvent.
  4. tristan

    Herbicide contamination

    @Don Mac have you seen the "homechem" experiment thats currently running? one of the things they are looking at is phthalates in the home environment. it might give some info on reactions with plastic products.
  5. tristan

    Honey Price Collapse

    raw honey is meant to be honey that has no processing, ie straight out of the hive and into a jar. no filtering/cleaning/heating. however its so misused to the point if it just being BS marketing. the other one is "cold pressed" or variations of. ie no heat used. i'm told of a certain commercial beek that extracts honey cold (no heat exchanger etc) and spent quite a bit of extra $$$ in spin floats to be able to do it (cold honey doesn't separate well in spin floats, hence the need for more of them). but they store honey in drums which requires heating to be able to pack it. makes it all a bit pointless.
  6. tristan

    NZBF Bees not using escape

    porters are the only true one way escape due to the metal leaves which you have to set correctly. i have had no trouble using them. two on the board, one at each end. also use the big round disc ones fine. i think there is two theories on escape boards. one is that the board cuts off the queen smell and puts them into a panic to go down to where the queen smell is. the other is to have queen smell come up through the escape so they find there way down.
  7. tristan

    NZBF Sick hives, what next?

    they trawl the net looking for weak email servers to hack and then use. if a place is constantly been targeted then they will have had success there in the past. not uncommon with antiquated govt systems.
  8. tristan

    NZBF Sick hives, what next?

    more common is spammers just getting a few posts under their belt before spamming. the other is bumping post count up to get other forum features enabled, like PM's. sometimes its just people doing replies on threads they like so they get notifications when new info is posted. but its also a method taught to Internet beginners, especially old people, to do random non-offensive replies to get used to forums etc. in this case is feels like the later.
  9. tristan

    Sheet Metal Beehives

    that looks like the ones we had a sample of. i can't be sure as the site shows no useful info and some of it sounds poor. 20mm thick insulation and still compatible box ????
  10. tristan

    How to ripen honey boxes quicker

    i would guess @john berry knows his honey well enough to make a call on its moisture content,. thick honey can have to much moisture. it depends on the honey type.
  11. tristan

    Drop in bee prices

    nope not even close. yeast has absolutely nothing to do with it. heating the honey up to that temp will stop it crystallizing (or at least slow the rate). its typically done in a flash heating process where its heated up very quickly and cooled back down very quickly. the cooling is important as heating the honey that hot for to long can damage it.
  12. tristan

    Drop in bee prices

    not any more afaik
  13. tristan

    Commercial approaches to the flow?

    no idea what you mean. ask 10 beeks a question and you will get 20 answers. every location is different and hives are run differently. there is no one standard to go by.
  14. tristan

    Commercial approaches to the flow?

    extremely variable. eg its quite common to run single brood boxes. supers depends on what they think they will get. anything from 1 super to 5.
  15. tristan

    Honey extractors / North island

    thats really quick tho that does depend on how many hours you do a day etc. don't talk about problems........arghhh! still fixing and designing things that should have been done before we bought it.