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  1. i must say that probably the worse ute deck mounting i've ever seen. to cheap to put the beams right across.
  2. we used to run a decapper, but they always miss bits which needs pricking or scratching by hand. right pain. then we started pricking everything and it was faster. it saves a lot of hand work unless you get enough needles broken. however for a dream extraction plant i would still use a decapper, but in a different role. simply use it as a sizer to cut down oversized comb, burr comb etc. that makes it easier for prickers to work.
  3. https://3feathershoney.co.nz/shop/creamed-honey/creamed-raspberry-honey/ i suspect that its raspberry mixed with honey rather than actual raspberry honey.
  4. two main ways are, have a decapper, pricker, big wax press for cappings and spin float etc for cleaning honey. the honey from the extractors tends to have very little wax in it due to the decapper taking most of it, but you have a lot of cappings to deal with with the wax press. the other way is pricking only. you get a lot less wax overall. use a small wax press for what comes off the pricker (and any honey filled burr comb), but the honey from the extractors does end up with quite a bit of very fine wax. the other thing to consider is really clean honey is a blessing to
  5. uncapper, pricker ? what do you use to get the honey clean after the rotary sieve? the beetec extractors are great, tho a bit light weight, we have just retired ours. real shame they are not made any more. the main improvements is obviously a 2nd extractor. unload/load one while the other spins. then its a matter of decapper/pricker keeping up. a single pricker would be ok but you could run two semi-auto prickers. i would stay clear of the auto prickers, tho i have not heard what the Crystech one runs like (it looks substantially better than Boutelje). wa
  6. absolutly. golden rule is "don't let hives die from afb". if you can't do that then you should not be beekeeping.
  7. tho a lot of that is people trying to get things done quicker, so they run them at higher speed. plastic frames can handle the speeds and staff don't care about what wax is left on the frames. same issue with our new one, just had to slow it right down as it was set way to high.
  8. best thing you can do is go see other plants and understand all the issues they run into. what sort of plant do you have now? i don't see any point of asking for a dream honey house as you will never afford it. even the ones that had no budget still have issues. what you want is something that works well enough for your size. eg for 500-600 hives your not going to waste money on an auto-pricker, unless your contract extraction for other people. if you have seen my posts on some of the fixes of auto prickers etc you will understand. i hope to have some more fixes com
  9. all jokes aside, there is some very good reasoning for that. contracting out extraction does free you up a lot for beekeeping. however chasing around for extraction every year can be a major pain.
  10. i doubt they could even sell them. not many companies would be buying in hives.
  11. we where sort off involved in an incident. boss was at a place and neighbours brought a child over with a bad bee reaction. the staff there had epipen (as do we). one of the issues was they used it straight away which is pointless. it only last for a short time. as far as beeks having them, remember its not the beeks who get allergic reactions. its the guests, land owners etc. we don't carry epipens for our use, its for everyone else benefit. which is why many beeks simply don't bother and many bosses will resist. plus the cost of having to regularly replace them. i
  12. reinventing the wheel to suck money from people.
  13. the amount of times i've gone to an orchard and the hives are buried under hedge trimmings, or gone to pick up hives and they have piled up tree pruning either side of the hives so you can't get to them.
  14. thats pretty typical of most schools (including overseas). get the students to get the industries to answer their questions. then they wonder why the local outfits get annoyed when they are bombarded by the students, especially as the schools don't even inform the local industry. its basically a lazy school using the students to get the industry to do the teaching for them. i had back in school days when the class gets given a project and the local retailer gets flooded with students asking questions etc.
  15. got told about this a little while ago. another beek had a brown pants moment. its worth remember of what can go wrong. so i hope we all can learn something from this. beeks id is removed from the pics. they are all safe, they managed to bail out early on. short story is that where taking hives up the track and the ute started sliding back down the track. bailed out as the ute slid off the track. ute then turned and nosed dived down the hill. something to of concern is how easily the deck has come off.
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