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  1. tristan

    afb bonfire

    down the drain and very very diluted. very very small risk. IF its cleaned its not an issue. then they don't tell you about it and you or someone else will pay the price for that. far better they actually tell you so you can deal with it. this is one of the other issues with AFB, people overreacting and end up making the situation even worse. ie you find a few afb hives, deal with it properly but you get labeled a bad beekeeper and blamed for all of the afb in the aera. there is a few cases of that reported in the beekeeper mag where a beek was blamed for AFB yet they found none in his hives. keep in mind most beeks won't bother putting through one hives worth of supers. a few supers out of thousands is no big deal, quicker and easier to just chuck it on the fire than it is to muck around storing it and processing it. the more common situation is processing an entire site where they have had afb problems. while afb may not be showing symptoms, they know darn well there will be afb somewhere in the gear and they want it all kept separate.
  2. tristan

    afb bonfire

    no need to store it until the last extraction run, only needs to be kept sealed until the last run of the day, then the machines can get washed down after it goes through. same with sites where they want the boxes kept separate so they can go back onto that site. clearly mark them and notify the extractor so they know.
  3. tristan

    afb bonfire

    i forgot to mention to other obvious problem of storage is that people do it poorly and it gets robbed. a lot of beginners simply do not understand the seriousness of the situation. (and some experienced beeks as well!)
  4. tristan

    afb bonfire

    while they can, its an awfully big risk. stored afb gear is a risky situation especially if dealing with beginners. its a lot better if they just find a more suitable location to burn them. i've mentioned on here about a guy who started up over the fence from one of our sites. he lost his hives to afb (we lost about half of ours). his hives all seamed to disappear, but few years later he sells all his boxes, but no bases and lids. ie brood box, bases and lids went in the fire, the supers got extracted then sat in the shed, then got sold. thats one of the issues with storage, it gets forgotten etc, or the need for cash arises...... imho this is one of the big issues going forward with the steam going out of the industry. as crowds short cut to stay afloat or people bail and try to recoup as much as they can out of it.
  5. tristan

    afb bonfire

    this sort of thing really needs to up the chain. see if they can make checking for afb on harvest compulsory, ie add it to their deca etc.
  6. tristan

    afb bonfire

    i have no idea. sorry but i'm flat out with extraction. work is looking into it a bit due to us having so many sites around the aera.
  7. tristan

    afb bonfire

    just a reminder to check for afb. i'm just hearing about someone who bought 20 hives (at a rather high price), they got inspected by an AP2 and they burnt the lot. not only does loosing $8-10k in hives hurt but i understand they have to pay for the fire brigade to come out and monitor the burning. theres no fire permits at the mo due to fire ban. of course we have hives all around that location. no word on if any where dead before inspection. as always it pays to inspect before you buy.
  8. tristan

    Storing supers

    simply sell the supers with the hives. supers do not store well long term.
  9. tristan

    landcruiser 70 series upgrades

    plenty of power upgrades for those. but do you actually need it ? 6 pallets on trailer and 2 on the cruiser means you need HT license. plus the trailer needs breakaway brakes and electric controller. makes it a pain if you have a few vehicles. 3 axles is not a good setup for rough country. i would stick with 4 pallets on the trailer, 2500kg trailer, override brakes so you can use any tow vehicle, two axles so it articulates and the wheels actually touch the ground and do something and brakes on both axles.
  10. tristan

    DHA Question

    might not be related. theres been plenty of other beeks failing.
  11. tristan

    DHA Question

    UNIPHARM HEALTHY MANUFACTURING CO. LIMITED Incorporation Date 20 September 2016 Directors / Officers Chinan XIE, director, 20 Nov 2017- Qingfeng CHEN, director, 20 Sep 2016- Yinghua XU, director, 20 Sep 2016- suspect its been sold and if the info is correct the owner has gone overseas. however EVERGREEN LIFE Ltd is still registered and someone filed paperwork last month.
  12. tristan

    Is the Waikato clover yielding?

    o yeah. my feijoa cyser once it aged was awesome.
  13. tristan

    Is the Waikato clover yielding?

    probably not. it may add diversity, but the big problem with mead is the price of honey. the other big issue for commercial brewing is the aging time. there was a write up by one of the usa meaderies that mentioned that one of the big constraints they had was having to store large quantiles before it was ready to bottle. that often meant they simply could not offer a lot of mead types. many years ago i tried a local commercial mead. it was disgusting. i capped it and left it in the fridge for +6 months and then it was ok. the company was obviously doing the "ripening on the shelf" routine to get around the storage problem.
  14. tristan

    Is the Waikato clover yielding?

    thats fairly typical depending a bit on what sort it is. poorly fermented mead tends to require more aging time, but some meads like plum mead needs about 4 years reguardless. i doubt that. mead requires lengthy aging time. the actual brewing can be done in a week or so. i've still got a couple of carboys here to bottle that are 5 years old now.
  15. tristan

    Making Movies

    i think a certain someone was enjoying hanging out in the nice cool extraction room