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  1. no, it think its simple a reflection of how many hives there are. afaik Auckland city has a very high density of hives that make storage sites look small.
  2. we get this a fair bit. a lot of old farms are cut up into lifestyle blocks and lifestyle blocks are cut up into big sections. just have to move them elsewhere until the next house gets built.
  3. nice. our pollination typically runs at a loss (you can do spring honey flow or pollination, not both). hows that going to play out with current honey prices i do not know.
  4. heard from a guy who had hives in brazil (i think) and they had a big smoker that sat on the ground and one person constantly pumped smoke in.
  5. i wonder if they have changed. typically they go absolutely overboard with ridiculous stuff.
  6. it depends on what they have been eating.
  7. thats quick. how long do you leave them in avo's?
  8. the other thing needed is a big sword and suit of armor to fend off all the other beeks selling at the markets. there used to be fights years ago, i would expect it to be worse now. aplenty of stories of all the beeks disappearing when council inspectors did their rounds.
  9. but thats the product manufactures problem not the beeks. these are not the sort of products you can make at home and sell down the market. those selling "medical manuka" at markets at UMF prices are selling fakes.
  10. afaik most honey is from within 1km from the hive. however bees can and certain do, find sources miles away and ignore everything else. what it comes down to is their ability to find it, which is partly down to hive strength. but also find it without finding something they like better. the land aera for them to cover even a few km's out is massive.
  11. its not just UMF, its a whole lot of other things. CFU count is a big one. i have heard of a long list of requirements but also have heard of honey buyers who don't care about those requirements. end of the day it comes down to what the buyer wants done.
  12. probably pollen as they don't have anything to feed it to.
  13. nice wood working job there. tho i would tweak it a bit by putting an outlet tube on so it lines up the smoker better. a 45 degree flare on the tube inside the bellows and if you go really fancy, fit a 'strainer' mesh (like on a faucet) to keep the air flow straight so more of it blows into the smoker. if i had a cnc router i would make flow paths on the inside of the wood panels to direct air flow more efficiently to the outlet. 😎
  14. yeah a bit worse than the usual chainsaws left on the track, pruning or mulch covering the track (both sides of the hives), ditches dug across the track, unmarked irrigation piping, meter high grass with short stumps in it.
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