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  1. Hey Bighands keen to get in touch with you how do I go about this ?
  2. Hey guys can anyone put me onto who ever is importing dadant petrol blowers, I don't think anyones importing them anymore maybe someone has one hiding in the back shed they would like to part with cheers
  3. Id imagine he's splitting hives as we speak
  4. Looks like a standard wairarapa spring site...
  5. I run afew double queeners the trick is to unite them as weaker nucs and let them expand together they seem to accept each other better have lost quite afew queens combining stronger units and they are annoying to overwinter as double queeners
  6. I've got two buckets of expired ones 100 treatments
  7. I would mix the undrawn foundation with the wet combs one for one and place directly over brood nest
  8. As long as you feed considerably while the karaka is flowering you shouldn't have an issue
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