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  1. Jaspur M

    Secondhand Boxes

    Could you post link @kevin moore? I just had a search but no luck
  2. Jaspur M

    Secondhand Boxes

    Where would i likely be able to buy a quality wax dipper from? Or would i be best to make one?
  3. Jaspur M

    Bees out of sorts

    What are the chances of bees being poisoned from kowhai? I have a site full of kowhai that i was looking at for a queen rearing site, should i be weary of putting my hives there?
  4. Jaspur M

    Secondhand Boxes

    Whats your process on dipping to steralise boxes @john berry? Is it as reliable as they say it is?
  5. Jaspur M

    DIY Bee super

    How do you go about making frames from pallets @kevin moore ? Im curious as i wouldnt mind giving it ago
  6. June sounds prety early, whats your reasoning behind that ted?
  7. Hey guys, looking for a numbering system to number hives, frames and apiary sites seems harder than it sounds as spliting hives and storing gear have complicated things, has any one got a good system in place for recording and tracking gear an sites?
  8. Jaspur M

    What are bees foraging on at present

    Starting to see a fair bit of aphid dew down our way have you noticed any impact on the bees wintering on it? I hear it can granulate quite bad?
  9. Jaspur M

    Using Propolis Mats

    How did you get on with the propolis mats @TaylorS ?
  10. Jaspur M

    EzyLoader for sale

    Hey alister im still having trouble sorting the auto level sensor out, where abouts did you get your price on the auto level sensor? Cheapest quote iv got is $670
  11. Jaspur M

    Provap 220 while honey on the hive

    Yeah, im on the fence with this one iv been told its ok but mpi wont give me the green light, i cant aford to have honey rejected, i geuss i can only wait till the honey is off. If i go on the dew il only take up hives with low mite counts, i could give them a blast before supering up i geuss
  12. Jaspur M

    Provap 220 while honey on the hive

    That was the plan but if i go target a bit of dew in feb, then ide need to do some sort of treatment to nock mite loads down
  13. Hey guys, im looking to treat hives with my provap 220 while honey is still on the hives, i have contacted mpi about it and they couldnt give me a deffinitve answer so thought ide put out their and hear others experience on using it.
  14. Jaspur M

    What are bees foraging on at present

    They making any honey @jamesc ? Iv just got back from holiday still havnt taken my couple hives over to try fill a box for the cuboard, but i hear its flowering good
  15. Jaspur M

    Manuka standards

    Wouldnt the syrup still need to go through the process of been eaten and regurgitated to change into more of a honey like substance? Capped sugar honey tastes quite abit different to thick sugar syrup.