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  1. Olivia, we would love you to join the Auckland Bee CLub.. If you can get yourself to the Auckland Easter Show they have a stall there with very knowledgable club members who can help you heaps, and invite you to our next club meeting, where No Question is a silly question... Or have a look on line when the next club meeting is (second Saturday of each month)
  2. How about some long coiled rope that absorbs the stuff. I assume it is liquid. Then curl that around the frames?
  3. WEll seems my tuppence was on the mark then.
  4. Ok I am throwing my tuppence worth in here. What size entrance do you have? do you have a mesh floor. Maybe they are very hot and trying to make a bigger entrance and nibbling away at the wood to enlarge it. Have you noticed they are outside more at night now.
  5. Im with you on that on Pbee. An opportunity going begging.
  6. Wrap your camera in glad wrap with just one pass over the lens and then it doesnt matter how sticky your hands are.
  7. Bees regulate what they bring back to the hive. They know what they need so thats what they collect.
  8. With the wind and intermittent rain in Auckland I am not going out side either..They just catching a breath of air.Look like new bees to me who are having second thoughts about doing their orientation flight.What is that putty/glue type stuff you have around your landing strip.
  9. Unsure of the history of this queen. The hive has been dwindling in numbers when we were given it. Only about 300 bees but because we have been successful in pulling another 250-300 bee hive back from the brink, we thought we would try again.Now she is only laying drone cells. There was one queen cell. not totally closed. Were we right in thinking that the grub layed in this cell was a drone so it wouldnt develop into a Queen?. Or can it turn from a drone into a normal bee at the grub stage. We killed the queen, squished the Q cell and combined with our thriving "from the brink"other hive..
  10. So agree Janice. What if the next person doesnt complain and its a child and screws up their walking gait for life. We all learn by our mistakes but this was looked at by more than one registar. I was misdiagnosed with 3 broken bones in my foot, and by the time it was picked up it was too late. No guarantee of a better deal if they had operated as knitted together so i suffer while they have no thought for my situation. Jas please follow up with your concerns.
  11. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
  12. THey certainly made it easy for you didnt they. Nice one.
  13. Collected a swarm yesterday (how easy was this one to collect:)) and then the heavens opened up so all I could do was turn the box upside down on the top bar and cover it and leave it. Waiting for a break in the rain. They have all crawled up from the hive when I tipped them in and nice and cosy in the cardboard box.
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