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  1. So many great answers! Awesome to see everyone helping out
  2. Brett21


    That's pretty impressive
  3. Brett21

    Prickly swarm

    Good sized swarm, great find
  4. Brett21

    Needs another box

    Wow that's crazy! Great size swarm
  5. Only starting to take boxes off here down south, slowing right down now
  6. Same as our lawns by the sound of it
  7. Try ecroteks plastic frames, great price and last the distance
  8. I have wintered a few in the past, survived ok
  9. Thanks, must have a look on demand if it was worth a look
  10. I use mega bee, seems to be working well, feed in Autumn and can see a difference coming out of the winter this year
  11. Oh will have to see if I can find, sounds like an interesting watch!
  12. Was gonna say, must be an old sign!
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