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  1. What's wrong with the Boutelje auger sump, works very well, cuts all up nicely. Cappings and all honey goes through the Humma spinfloat, no unscheduled stops.
  2. Maybe not the only possibility. If the street where the bumblebees were found is by any chance lined by certain flowering trees (Tilia), bumblebees can die while foraging.
  3. Maybe your Mainland FD supers are over sized to ours or a "typo".
  4. You might be right, but the market is what it is and with high cfu's you are limiting where your honey can go.
  5. That's why I have honey boxes (3/4 manley frames) and brood frames, which are FD frames. Always low CFU's. That way you can't mix up honey and brood frames.
  6. You say lots of bees and no brood and empty queen cells. In my view that could mean that the young queen can start laying anytime and it is only early December, so by January your hive could be back to normal and still time to split.
  7. Not exactly the way I see it. The high value was achieved by the UMF factor, but the industry insisted to market it as Manuka. Should have been marketed on UMF. Much easier to comply with. The insistence to market on "Manuka" caused the industry to come off the rails and the government had to step in. Just my opinion!
  8. Both look a bit dodgy, didn't interfere.
  9. Rather confusing this reply, as some hands can hold a cupful. Maybe there is a chilling factor as well,we have had cold and windy weather and not all bees make back into the hive.
  10. I think the outcome of this research should be in all papers and news channels; so the public gets the message. Could make a difference!
  11. Maybe we need more of these stories: Honey may be a better treatment for coughs and colds than over-the-counter medicines, a new study has found. Researchers said honey was more effective in relieving the symptoms of cold and flu-like illnesses than the usual commercial remedies, and could provide a safer, cheaper and more readily available alternative to antibiotics. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/08/19/health/honey-common-cold-cough-treatment-scn-wellness-scli-intl/index.html
  12. All I can think of, that you use a little lemon juice, which will be acidic and at that temperature will pull apart some of the sucrose into glucose and fructose. So that could mean there is a chance of some HMF forming, but can't imagine that being a problem as the percentage of the sucrose being inverted will be low.
  13. Same for me, I had two notifications and I am not a member.
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