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  1. I think so I have hives with alot of drones. I haven't been feeding they still have winter stores. But I am in kerikeri
  2. Anyone know of any honey buyers i have a few drums of Manuka to sell
  3. Yes we had the same it would be good to know what to do
  4. this my second season of honey production, I have noticed all the Manuka flower has been early this year in the far north and I'm wondering if it's worth putting hives in those areas or will it not flower again
  5. does it smell like pineapple?
  6. i thought you couldn't get honey from pine
  7. how many frames of brood do you get in a nuc is there also honey?
  8. how do you know when there is enough drones around
  9. Still a few guys selling cheap I picked up 11 very good FD double brood hives
  10. Im just wondering If anyone has seen any drones out of hives yet? especially in northland, i know a few people have done splits already and have not done to well
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