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  1. Nah comb isn't new I'm usually pretty good spotting them ? ? ?
  2. They haven't even started laying being my first time buying mated queens thought maybe it takes them a while to adjust to new surroundings. Wondering if I wasted money now??
  3. One FD is full of bees 2 - 3 frames of pollen, 2 -3 frames of nectar/honey, other FD 1 - 2 frames of pollen bees on 3 - 4 frames 1 - 2 of nectar/honey. The other 2 are 3 frame nucs 1 pollen and nectar 1 drawn and one with different stages of brood.
  4. So I added 4 queens to some splits I done on the 9th checked couple days later and they were out of the cage. Checked week later to see if they started laying. Nothing. Checked again today and still no eggs but queens are still there. Seen some pollen stores but no eggs. Am I missing something? Am thinking of feeding some pollen and little bit of sugar syrup?? Any help be much appreciated ????
  5. What type of nitrile gloves are the best? Any or specific brands?
  6. Thanks everybody very helpful.. could i get help with this one too please?? The reason for this is for my cert. in apiculture im doing correspondence through telford..
  7. Hi all Could someone please help me id these plants? Nga mihi Read
  8. Kia ora Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for some comparisons ie. availability, cost, residues, resistance, toxicity environmental concerns to be precise It's doing my head trying to look for this stuff.
  9. What's up with wasps and timber. I've noticed them hanging around fence posts and fences, deck. I figured their nest might be close by?
  10. Yeah i do have those as well.
  11. Is it alright to send in propolis while there are apivar strips in the hive?
  12. Kia ora I'm after a plant id for these plants. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Bit of an update seems takes a while for us to get stuff up here at the tail of the fish... Anyway performed a sugar shake with all three hives varying results. First hive I got 5 mites, second 9 mites and last one just the one.. So I'm thinking treat the two with 9 and 5, check the other one again couple weeks and go from there? Or just treat them all...
  14. Kei te pai e hoa @Phil46 . So just to be safe leave them as they are and treat with two strips of apivar in each box except for the one with just nectar/honey? Could I place them between 4&5 and 5&6?
  15. Yeah 2 strips for apivar so what I meant was 4 for each colony ie two in each box?
  16. Sweet so then you'd just add strips to the brood box? and leave the honey box as it would just be honey in it? Ngā mihi
  17. kia ora koutou So I'm looking to treat my three hives like yesterday but I'm not too sure about how many I need. I have three hives 2 of them are 2 f/d boxes the other one is 1 f/d with a 3/4 on top. None of them have queen excluders but the 3/4 they're filling with nectar/honey the full depths are a mix of nectar/honey and brood. So I'm thinking cause bees are still going up into the boxes it'll be 4 strips each hive?
  18. I was just looking at my details on the apiweb site and under the apiary report the location of my hives is orange. From the key above that it means they're 3km away from AFB. Question is how do I find out where? Is it something I need to find/worry about?
  19. The first one is the frame with multiple eggs. The other pics are another frame from same hive.
  20. I'm working on uploading photos from my phone. Reception is shocking where we live. The brood pattern is a bit shotgun looking, I'll post up photos tomorrow for second opinion. And the eggs are on the bottom of the cell thought workers lay on the side cause they can't reach? And the isn't a lot of drone brood on maybe 2 frames of nine in the corners, mostly worker brood. Nah you're all good it's not from you. Actually got the hives from whangarei. ive had them maybe a month now and they were already laying so maybe couple months old.
  21. Kia ora koutou So just checked one of my hives and found multiple eggs in some of the cells. It's 2 storeys top box is 3/4 bottom is fd no queen excluder. Haven't seen queen but saw fresh eggs in other frames.Queen is just over month old I've been told. Also pulled a drone out of its cell, it looked weird and there was a grub of some sort had eaten him from the inside, I didn't manage to get a photo of it is it some to be concerned about? Otherwise doing well bringing in a lot of pollen and nectar, a lot of workers still quite a few drones around.
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