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  1. So is that 4 per brood box? And how long are they left in for? 60 bucks for a bucket of 500 strips? Can the unused be frozen or stored for later use?
  2. Nah comb isn't new I'm usually pretty good spotting them ? ? ?
  3. They haven't even started laying being my first time buying mated queens thought maybe it takes them a while to adjust to new surroundings. Wondering if I wasted money now??
  4. One FD is full of bees 2 - 3 frames of pollen, 2 -3 frames of nectar/honey, other FD 1 - 2 frames of pollen bees on 3 - 4 frames 1 - 2 of nectar/honey. The other 2 are 3 frame nucs 1 pollen and nectar 1 drawn and one with different stages of brood.
  5. So I added 4 queens to some splits I done on the 9th checked couple days later and they were out of the cage. Checked week later to see if they started laying. Nothing. Checked again today and still no eggs but queens are still there. Seen some pollen stores but no eggs. Am I missing something? Am thinking of feeding some pollen and little bit of sugar syrup?? Any help be much appreciated ????
  6. What type of nitrile gloves are the best? Any or specific brands?
  7. Thanks everybody very helpful.. could i get help with this one too please?? The reason for this is for my cert. in apiculture im doing correspondence through telford..
  8. Hi all Could someone please help me id these plants? Nga mihi Read
  9. Kia ora Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for some comparisons ie. availability, cost, residues, resistance, toxicity environmental concerns to be precise It's doing my head trying to look for this stuff.
  10. What's up with wasps and timber. I've noticed them hanging around fence posts and fences, deck. I figured their nest might be close by?
  11. Yeah i do have those as well.
  12. Is it alright to send in propolis while there are apivar strips in the hive?
  13. Kia ora I'm after a plant id for these plants. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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