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  1. Yes. I do mean sacks. Sorry. Damned phone changed it
  2. Yes. If you put penny royal hay in the smoker you'd be better off just kicking the hive over. Whereas if you use dried lavender flowers the bees are very calm. I use hay with a preference to clover with some eye grass. Kikuyu is hard to light. Old weathered sacking is ok. Dont use fresh unwashed socks as they sometimes have pesticides on them from their past life.
  3. These frames were dumped after hours on Wednesday. Dump is closed Thursday and Friday. When the waste care team arrived Saturday morning they couldn't get in for robbing bees. They called my mate Trevor Clifton who came in and inspected them finding AFB. He killed as many robbing bees as possible with petrol and secured them until being burned and buried on a nearby farm. There is a large apiary/dump site owned by other friends of mine just 800 meters away. These are very strong hives ready to go out to other sites. These poor guys are reeling at the probable loss of lots of these hives and
  4. No Varroa on the bees backs, most Varroa on the adults are under their abdomens.
  5. I've been beekeeping for over 20 years. Was allergic as a kid. Just bad swelling and itchiness. Grew out of it around age 20. Started beekeeping myself. Wear shorts and shirt working hives any time of year. Best thing I've found to help reduce reaction is Vitamin C. I take 2000mg minimum per day. If I feel shagged or are around sick people I up that to as much as 8000mg. Eat them like lollies. It has an antihistamine effect. ( google it) Works better than any antihistamine I've used. I do have an epi pen in my ute as a responsible person for use on others should it be needed. Ask the pharmacy
  6. Hi Wildflower. What frazzledfozzle has said is a good idea. It may sound odd, but having this hive mat with a hole in it , the bees see the uncapped honey or wets above this as "Not in their hive". So they go up and "Rob it". Bringing it back down into "their hive". Its like putting the gear out in the open to be robbed out except it only goes to that one hive. So this is a safe way to clean up your gear.
  7. Stainless steel tools are too brittle. Get a real steel one. Not a cheap Chinese knock off. Pry bars are good for hobbyists with a few hives. But if you are carrying a tool in your hand all day it needs to fit your hand size , be light and strong. And you need to love that tool so you dont lose it. Mines over 20 years old. I polish it up better than my ute.
  8. I have a 350watt pure sine wave inverter running off a large ute battery. Easily does 50 treatments without running low on battery. Best to use pure sine because you can then use it for any appliance. The cheaper inverters cant do phones or computers etc. But should be ok for heating elements....but the Provap does have a controller that may not like the Modified sine wave of the cheap units.Good luck
  9. I tend to write OUCH on the lid of hot hives. If I give them reason to sting I forgive them. eg drop a frame. If they get me for no reason I record that on the lid. When I have Queens to spare 2 strikes and you're out. If I have limited Queens I stretch it to 3 strikes. But I certainly don't breed from them . The temperament Gene's tend to be paternal so take these drone genetics well away from your mating yard.
  10. Took me a while to figure out what ppbk means. But I get it now. In my opinion......I'd guess the hive was delivered queen less or became queen less soon thereafter. So it would be strong at that point and got progressively weaker. Wax moth moves in and in this warm humid summer weather in a brood nest with loads of pollen in due to being broodless by now....then at last a family of mice has moved in and dragged all this detritus out. That's about what I see. Personally I dont think bees should be left in the hands of totally unskilled people. This gives us beekeepers a bad look. There
  11. The management agency allow secure storage in this instance but you need to request it and provide a plan of your intentions and precautions etc.
  12. Consumer protection is only available to end users. So a hobbiest would be entitled to claim it but a commercial not. Bit bs really. If it's not fit for purpose or a true to label issue it shouldn't matter who the buyer is... but our government ( of the time)in all its wisdom decided businesses can carry that loss.
  13. I'd like you to watch a YouTube clip. I don't know how to do a link but type in search for Gabe Brown. He's running a no till farm. Amazing. Very inspiring
  14. Don't work out 1m seconds to 11.57 days. Then multiply by 1000 . Start with 1B seconds=166666minutes=2777 hours=115.7 days=3.8months.
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