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  1. Interesting to read about the wax being rubbed onto foundation. I had used up all my melted wax which I have been brushing on so far, but might try a little roller for the next batch, and had a few frames to finish.. It was late at night and I couldn't be bothered melting the new block of wax so I rubbed it over the foundation hoping it would be ok. Looks like it wasn't the worst thing to do, thank goodness.
  2. Thanks @dansar Have just been looking at some of your fb posts. Each hive has some drawn out frames but not filled up yet. I did move them around a bit today so one was in the middle of the action to see if that helps them get to it. Hopefully that was ok to do. Will pop the feeders back in too. They are definitely much busier and fuller than a couple of weeks ago....despite the seemingly non-stop rain.
  3. They're all like that so had thought it was normal...Perhaps not it seems?? I am going to shift them up to some clover very soon - so hopefully they grow a bit quicker up there.
  4. Thank you. It was my first time seeing them like this and just wasn't sure. I have seen a few of the bigger queen cells, and thought these might have been the earlier stages of them, but had been a bit confused by the cluster of them rather than other empty queen cells I have seen were by themselves.
  5. Hi, I've read lots of posts about this and have a few questions about 2 of my hives which have queen cells. They were nucs at the end of last summer so are still quite small, FD and only one layer. Each has about 3-4 frames that still need to be drawn out, so it seems like there is enough room. There seems to be good amount of honey stores. Today's inspection I didn't see the queen in either hive, although there are new eggs and tiny larvae visible so I am assuming she is still there. In the first hive there is a cluster on a frame in the middle of the hive of what I think are queen cells. I didn't break one open. Should have probably in hindsight. The second has a row along the bottom of a frame of about 10+ cells, that I did break one open and looks like a nice big white bee developing. So my questions are....what should I do, given that I don't want them to swarm, I would also like to fill a couple more hives (could I do that with a frame of brood and queen cells and start a new one with a split of some sort?), and I'm still learning about best ways to do things. Thanks in advance any advice, questions etc!!
  6. Thanks for replies everyone. Has been really interesting figuring out what some of these plants are and figuring out what needs to happen all over the property. Will pop an update up later.
  7. Thanks @cee\-bees . These guys are at the top of our hill. Perhaps I will go have a chat to them. Yes, will let you know what we end up deciding to do. We've got lots of planting changes to make to the property.
  8. Thanks @Rob Stockley I have looked there and they have some good general ideas, but don't really seem to get into specifics. Mr Google is also helping :-)
  9. We need to put in a new hedge, about 45m long to replace 12 year old neglected griselinia 'hedge' that was left to turn into out of control trees. Ideally, I want to plant an edible hedge, that grows to about 1.7m. We are in lower Oropi, Tauranga in a pretty sheltered area, but can get hit by a southerly whack that just took out a beautiful titoki :-( And the hedge will be on that boundary. I am thinking blueberry or cranberry; possibly hazelnut. We have fijoea trees already and too many of those go to waste, so probably not a fijoea hedge. Non-edible options I was thinking was abelia grandiflora or pohutukawa (vibrance or kermadec). Any insights or other thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Rachel
  10. Thanks, so speedy, like speedy bees :-) Mine is already in the post and on it's way. Thanks @Trevor Gillbanks
  11. Hi @Trevor Gillbanks I am still new to the forums with not enough posts to look at your info on the stencils in the Buy/Sell forum. I'm interested in ordering one. Any chance you can send me the info in message? Thanks. Rachel
  12. Thanks @deejaycee I'll put them in next time I open them up and watch with interest to see how they go. I checked out the recipes section last night and saw some of the tinctures posts, so might give those a go too.
  13. Thanks @Bron It's me the bother it seems more than the bees.
  14. So if you go with a company that supplies the mats, do they adjust the price in any way for that? I have some mats but haven't put them in yet....perhaps I should after reading this thread.
  15. Good to know there does not seem to be any major need to get rid of ants from the top of hive mats. 3 of my 5 hives have ants, 1 a lot worse than others. I just shoo them away and scrap away as many eggs as possible, but had started to get a bit worried they might be doing some sort of bother to the bees. Will also try cinnamon in the busy ant hive to see if they will reduce their numbers.
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