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  1. I’ve done a combination of the above staple positions. And my observations are that right through the middle kills more brood, but in winter is most likely to contact some brood at all times. However, if run through the middle in spring it will cause a disruption to the queens nest and potentially slow things down on the buildup.
  2. Another beautiful day in the Garden City. Bees are busy busy busy bringing in the nectar and building nice white comb. But a bit grumpy. Must be onto the Kowhai... Not stingy grumpy, just the fizzing past my hands looking at me sideways kind of grumpy 😬😬
  3. Agreed, it is easy to miss them. I knew they were there and left them to do their thing as it didn’t look like swarming to me, just supersedeure. But the bees proved me wrong! I’ll know if I am wrong in a week or so when I have a quick look through the swarm boxes... if there are eggs... I’ll eat humble pie! ?PITA? These ones were half a mt off the ground and just fell into the boxes. Didn’t drop a single bee...! 😂
  4. Unlikely. Not an egg or larvae to be seen. Only capped brood over a week ago, which has all now hatched. I suspect they tried a mid winter supersedeure that failed and grabbed the last few eggs from a failing queen.
  5. So, this happened today. I told them not to get confused when I discovered they were queenless a week ago...
  6. Well, I certainly demure to your knowledge and experience with queen raising (and, it seems... on the streets of Kingscross! 😜). Have you done your first graft yet Maggie?
  7. This is really interesting to me thanks. I’ve only been raising queens for three years now and am certainly starting to notice subtle differences in colour, size, shape, wings and behaviours. Strangely, I have found two or three from the same batch that have that beautiful dark amber colour that makes them appear older. Looking forward to doing my first graft of the season in a week or so. Can someone please tell me if I mark my new spring queens green or blue?
  8. This was a brand new split with cell in autumn, so fairly doubtful there was an old Q running around 😬
  9. I marked one in Autumn as a new queen. She over wintered as a five frame nuc. When I transferred them to a full box three weeks ago I marked the queen thinking that I had missed her in autumn. Yesterday I discovered them together. Buddies!
  10. So today I found this: I last went through the hive 2 1/2 weeks ago! Can’t believe queens were mating in August in CHCH. The condition of the hive was excellent, so let’s hope it stays that way.
  11. Are you picturing this pump submersed down the bottom of a drum mixing 100kg of sugar? That would be pretty awesome.
  12. Beautiful day in CHCH, if a bit cold out of the sun. Just did a talk at my kids school during ‘enrichment’ where the kids are studying bees and pollination. Got to take them up to the hives in small groups and show them around, light a smoker and chew on some sticky wax. They seemed to really enjoy it.
  13. Wonder how well it would handle thick syrup? Would be great if it ran off an inverter.
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