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  1. Good to hear she got out and mated. I’d put a QE on and a new box with 10 frames of foundation. You’ve got a good nectar flow at the mo, so they should draw wax, especially if you give them a good feed of syrup. But, as nikki says above, there is no real rush. your colony probably won’t be big enough to produce excess honey this season, so the drawn wax will be useful in the future. Don’t worry about Bayvarol issues - that is only a problem if you are selling honey.
  2. Ahhhh! Don’t talk to me about swarming!! Seems to be way more than usual. Got two call outs in the weekend and then mine started 😬😬😬
  3. Let me know if Rob can’t make it. I have an apiary out TaiTap.
  4. most of my mini nucs took two and a half weeks to lay this round, but one had two frames of capped brood by then!
  5. I’m growing my apiaries from scratch, splitting and expanding as much as possible... so my hives have eaten a lot of sugar to survive and build comb. I’ve been using staples for at least 18 months and prior I used towels and vapour... I’ve barely lost any hives, with exception of some starved, and all seem really healthy, happy and vibrant. So, I don’t think syrup causes me any problems!
  6. Bit jealous of that @M4tt . We’re going through a cold, wet spell and my mini mating nucs are going to struggle to perform! Crossing my fingers for when I check next week 😬
  7. interesting because I thought I was placing staples like you 🤔🤔 Do you fold them once or twice! (Like a staple)
  8. I’m struggling with the idea that the staples are taking up important space in my single FD brood box setups. I need all the room for brood and yet the remove all the wax from behind and in front of each staple. And I use half widths. The photo is more for interest than science as I don’t have any of frame damage... that’s my cell raiser and I removed the staples from near the cells. This was taken just after the grafting session!
  9. I can already do that with my eyes when I have my undies on the outside. But I can never find a phone box to change in these days...
  10. this concept is similar to chemotherapy in that it isn’t an exact science. Patients reaction to the drugs are also different and hives might be the same. Our observations as beekeepers are critical and discussion here certainly help with identifying what is going on.
  11. It was a good experience and Shane is really keen to learn and improve. Thanks @WebKiwiNZ - great to catch up and learn we have a shared history.
  12. Yes, thanks... I read it and tried to edit my post but was out of time 😝
  13. Hi @WebKiwiNZ, I could do your inspection on a week day if that suits. Call me and we’ll try to get it organised. Cell number in profile.
  14. What is the rock test? I found a varroa attached to a queen a couple of years ago...😬
  15. Be funny putting hives on the Diamond Harbour ferry 😂😂 I’m on the other side of the hill and the buildup is fantastic. Struggling to control the swarming urge this season...
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