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  1. Ah, that old excuse. I use to stay in bed for days with that during my uni days.
  2. Looks cool @Bens bees What are you selling the prototypes for? (I’m in chch, so not much good for a guinea pig...
  3. Same. Chch wattles in full, spectacular, flower. Gums in flower. But no flying weather. These are usually great for pre spring buildup. Winter has finally hit with highs of 12 and no sunshine predicted for 10 days.
  4. Interesting. I thought you (that’s the royal ya) got them to build new comb each season because the tiny combs go so brittle.
  5. I had one of those trailers. Got de-warranted and recalled just before lockdown and I’ve finally been able to return it and get my money. Bunnings we’re pretty good about it. They paid me the 11 year old price of $1400.00 but wouldn’t pay for the spare wheel or frame I bought at time of purchase (strange and a bit annoying). Anyways, I get a second chance... so bought the best. A quality chch built Briford. Cost me another $1000 but you never regret buying quality.
  6. Hi David, what is you reason for not shifting them into the incubator as soon as they are capped?
  7. Crikey! That’s a sorry sight. I’m going to check my boat trailer out after seeing that. Though, initially I thought we might be in for a classic boat ramp yarn... the amount of people who can’t back a trailer... I’ve always thought there might be a tv program in it
  8. Agreed @dansar I saw some flowering cheeries blossoming bright pink in chch last week. Now I’m drinking coffee in the sun, shorts n tee. Mother nature has lost her gardening gloves.
  9. Yes, in the hills and the tree lucerne is flowing again with a few eucalyptus having a go too. Not sure I could identify Grape holly... on another note, a land owner out near Prebbleton contacted me to say there was lots of dead bees in front of my hives... so I went out there today to check on the damage and it looks to be poisoning. All hives have equal amounts of wee piles out front with tongues out and the ones not dead are sort of paralysed. Anyways, inside the four I opened are looking pretty good, but they have lost quite a few foragers. Sad, but I think they’ll all survive.
  10. Wowee! Middle of June and the bees are pouring out of the hives at 8.30am! Loads of pollen saddlebags and heaps of big heavy girls crash landing. I wonder what the forage is?
  11. @Maru Hoani wow! Thanks for sharing your story and photo. Amazing how that spring is severed right through the middle. And I’m guessing there wasn’t an 18 wheeler coming the other way on the bridge...
  12. I remember that conversation/ thread
  13. What do they do with the honey that fails?
  14. Well, I just did some final wintering down (yes, I know it’s late) on the valley that unexpectedly got hammered by varroa back in late February. All the surviving hives look great, particularly the ones that were treated with MAQs. The ones treated only with OA are good, if a bit small, and one of the ones treated with Bayvarol was failing - a tooooo late supersedeure. Squished the virgin, shook out the bees and shared what was left of the brood with the smaller ones. Add a few staples to all for winter. I’m already looking forward to spring.
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