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  1. Thanks for sharing @Katipo How long do they last in the brood nest? Do you find that the bees chew out the hole around the tooth pick so that the strip drops down? Also, how long have you been using them and how often do you replace them? Thanks!
  2. Holy crap! I wish I had been panic buying sugar now.
  3. @kaihoka all of my colonies are very calm these days. I commonly shake bees off frames in a t-shirt and don’t get stung much. Still wear a veil though... not that silly. I produce my own queens and they are all of a similar nature. However, I have recently bought some cells and I am hoping the new queens don’t disrupt the proverbial... I couldn’t believe how tightly they held on to the queen. I would pull them off and they would fly right back and grab her! Anyways, I put her into a new hive where the cell had failed, so it will be interesting to see if she survives. @Maggie James she is a new unmarked queen.
  4. Today I went out to check on yesterday's graft and gauge the hit rate... and found a 'ball' of bees on the ground in front of the hive! I gave them a quick poke and found a queen, so got the phone out to see if I could film it. Not brilliant footage, but for an unpredictable event, not bad either!! (feel free to flick through...)
  5. @Alastair thanks for posting. Are these kits able to be stored in a (hot) truck? I understand that epi pens are heat sensitive.
  6. Could be an absconding colony due to high varroa loads. Vape them with OA now, or put in a treatment.
  7. Thanks for the info @Trevor Gillbanks. How much run time do you get out of one battery, and what AMp hours? Cheers
  8. Me too @tristan, tho maybe not so large as space is limited... but I’ve got to get things out of the garage. ‘Temporarily’ I erected this ‘shed’ while I figured out a design... think I need to just get on with it.
  9. Man I love reading this stuff now that things seem to have settled down!
  10. Pretty sure you don’t have to invent something to patent it. You simply have to be the first to patent it...
  11. So, I tried feeding light syrup to one hive that was a good strong colony. I had removed one good, heavy, capped box of honey and left a well drawn, mostly filled honey box. I fed a few litres of syrup three times over a week or so. All syrup was taken down, but when I checked the super it hadn’t changed. They must have been taking the syrup further down... So, failed experiment for collecting honey, but I did learn that it doesn’t work! I’m now feeding bulk light syrup and will use the resulting full frames for feeding the splits.
  12. Nice straight looking combs. Now there is a trait that I would encourage! I’ve got a few wonky builders...
  13. I’m still in t-shirt and veil even with the robbing the girls are behaving beautifully. Shaking frames and shifting hives... Showing off I know. Full disclosure... I am still (carefully) using smoke. Also, just water with vanilla for the first few hives, but it is probably not a full proof system... ps. Glad to get off the original topic!
  14. that’s impressive! What machine did you get? I’m in need of an upgrade cause the foot isn’t strong enough to drag the gib paper through. Note that I do four layers and was thinking about moving to five or six because I make all mine into ‘narrows’.
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