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  1. 10am on a cold, but sunny, Chch morning and the pollen is pouring in.
  2. Yeah, pretty sure that frame/photo is upside down. ###### of a thing. That wasn’t really a swear word! (Forum replaced)
  3. I’m finding that wax moth really like the frass that falls through my mesh bases from the staples. I’ve got two sites that they seem to be thriving in it... doesn’t happen with solid bottom boards. Anyone else noticed this unwanted side effect?
  4. Well... I guess I’ll find out next season if they work as I’ve merged that colony with a couple that needed feeding. Fingers crossed the test kit is accurate and functions for it’s purpose.
  5. @cBank and @ctm just go completely foundationless. It will save a lot of time over making smooth foundation. During a flow or feeding light syrup they will build comb regardless. However, you will get lots of drone comb built with both methods.
  6. Will be interesting to see if you get the same brood deaths that I do when you start using the four layer staples.
  7. Mine were the same and treated the same by the bees. I think a tighter straight stitch might work better. Or not... My latest batch were 4 ply narrows. Put them in a week ago and found the stiffness forced them hard up against the brood, which is now dead (trapped in cells).
  8. Do you send all your burr comb wax scraping in, or just box rim type scrapings?
  9. What’s happened to the OP?
  10. @Trevor Gillbanks Could you please pin the May diary?
  11. Especially if you’re asking @yesbut... he’ll just confuse you.
  12. Not pregnant! At least clear of AFB 😀😊 Now the box of stores is gone, here is a photo of the ‘left overs’ looking for a new home: When I took the lid off it scared a big old rabbit out from under the pellet. Frightened the bejesus out of me!
  13. What did you re-treat with @CraBee? More staples?
  14. I believe this is how the most successful ‘treatment free’ keepers work... they force brood breaks. Not really sure of the details though.
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