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  1. Okay peeps, which would be better for keeping the temperature stable in a power cut? I guess I’m asking which would hold its heat better at 34 degrees... bottled water brick steel
  2. Superb! And generous. Where is Dairy Flat?
  3. Pretty stoked with these bad boys (girls)! ... I also have taken @Maggie JamesQC tutorial , though I am using the double screen board method for production. Got a take of 86 out of 90 grafts.
  4. Great job photo documenting your progress. I hope they turn out well.
  5. I wonder if glorious sunshine, still, calm conditions and temps below 20 still work for mating... I had a double queen situation in August here in chch... let it run its course because I had no choice... and she was mated and laying at the beginning of September. Go figure.
  6. Hey Trevor, what’s your system for couriers picking up Q’s? Does it still work as ‘overnight’, or would the pickup process add an extra day in transit?
  7. @Kiwi Bee nice drying rack! They don’t really ‘dry’, as in evaporate, in fact, they’ll absorb moisture from the air. So, just drip dry thrm for a short while. And if they’re not ‘dry’, drag thrm through a rag to get the surface ‘not wet’!
  8. I’m on my phone and the follow ‘button’ is covered by the number of people following... bit weird. If no one else is following I can see it.
  9. @Grant I can’t seem to follow topics unless I post a comment. Have tried both Safari and Chrome... is this how you intended it?
  10. I’d be keen on taking your bulk surplus bees Stoney. I’ve got a few ideas and would be interested in coming to an amicable arrangement if you thought it would work. The willow trees here are just starting, so I’ll give you a call early this week. Paul
  11. Cool topic. @Gino de GraafI tend to whistle or sing. Or just listen to the birds. But if I was to recommend a speaker... go for a UE Boom. They are the best. Link to your phone. @Dennis Crowleywhat a crackup. Like reading Douglas Adams.
  12. Just walking out of 13 Mile eh? Great spot.
  13. Great stuff. Exciting times ahead with the new season upon us. I’ve been enjoying watching the girls come and go on sunny days with full pollen saddlebags. Yellow, orange, purple and red so far, so plenty of nutrition coming in. Hives will be brooding up nicely. I should have nucs ready to go in the next two or three weeks. Looking forward to helping you with the next set up.
  14. I’m heading out for a hunt this week into matagouri land. Taking the kids, who I’m sure won’t like crawling through it, but if you want to get a deer in this part of the country you have to learn to like matagouri
  15. Nice! Busy busy bees. Are they excluders and supers on some of those hives Alistair?
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