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  1. My fortune is happiness and I’m making it in spades keeping bees. (Not that I’m young...)
  2. Phew! You go away for a week and a lot happens here! very dry here in the Port Hills now. Nectar has stopped flowing. Putting in escapes and pulling supers now. Some boxes very heavy and some only half full. I wish there was a bit more flow to get some of these boxes capped!
  3. I make my own solution and haven’t suffered colony losses. But every time I replace them (all of them at the same time) I have a bundle of dead bees fall out the front door. So, I wonder if replacing, or just adding a few at a time might mitigate some of these problems...? Particularly heading into winter. Awesome
  4. Did you come up with anything @StephQbee? I’m often thinking about making an incubator for the same convenience as you. I’ll probably get an old bar fridge to adapt and add a thermostat, lightbulb, fan and water. I have read that bottles of water sitting in the bottom help keep the temperature consistent.
  5. I paint my swarm and SS queens fluro pink so I can identify them later (anything I didn’t graft). The paint doesn’t last very long and often ends up looking like that. It’s unlikely, but not impossible, that any of them reswarmed... but... are the bees pictured between lincoln and Prebleton?
  6. These photos were taken on Oct 17. Both hives are single brood and have been treated with OA/GL for over a year. It’s not a comparison with synthetics cause I haven’t used them for a while, but an illustration of How well bees can do on OA. (All honey collected is on new undrawn frames)
  7. yes! Looks like green jelly. I’ll have to try it now 😀
  8. Good question @kaihoka . I only thought to try it afterwards. I marked the box, so will try it next time I’m up there. @Maggie James some matagouri, but I don’t think it’s flowering, and not much other native around.
  9. So, green nectar. Anyone know where it comes from? Actually, green honey I suppose. I don’t think that it is espionage like @john berry described talking about how he would handle poaching good sites. I’m in a valley with not many, if any, other beeks. photos probably don’t really show the colour, but it’s like a crystal clear khaki...
  10. It has been a great spring where I am this season. Plenty of rain and plenty of sunshine. Bees are loving it. last December rained constantly and ruined the flow. Hopefully not this year!
  11. Good to hear she got out and mated. I’d put a QE on and a new box with 10 frames of foundation. You’ve got a good nectar flow at the mo, so they should draw wax, especially if you give them a good feed of syrup. But, as nikki says above, there is no real rush. your colony probably won’t be big enough to produce excess honey this season, so the drawn wax will be useful in the future. Don’t worry about Bayvarol issues - that is only a problem if you are selling honey.
  12. Ahhhh! Don’t talk to me about swarming!! Seems to be way more than usual. Got two call outs in the weekend and then mine started 😬😬😬
  13. Let me know if Rob can’t make it. I have an apiary out TaiTap.
  14. most of my mini nucs took two and a half weeks to lay this round, but one had two frames of capped brood by then!
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