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  1. A good mornings work. The boys both earned $4 and a sore scissor hand for cutting up half the new staples. Next half tomorrow...
  2. Vegetarian sausages. Kind of look like sausages. But I’d never buy one.
  3. Here’s a law you can propose @Dennis Crowley: Anyone planting manuka for honey production has to put a 3km boundary (planted in non-manuka) around it on their own land.
  4. I’d be making mead. You don’t even have to run it through the extractor. Just crush and strain it straight into the big old brewing bucket - then you won’t feel inclined to reuse the stickies.
  5. Hi Maru, for my educational purposes can you please explain this? Cheers
  6. The temps are getting low, the frosts are sticking around till late, but the bees are flying as if it’s spring. And the wattles are starting to bloom across the road offsetting the red gum flowers beautifully.
  7. Do they use staples? 95% sounds crazy.
  8. Interesting how it’s all brood on one side of the staples and honey on the other. Are they single story brood boxes?
  9. Thanks. Haven’t fed them syrup since early May. But I did leave them with dry sugar in the top feeders and some colonies are chomping into that, even tho they still have honey. 🤔 @Stoney you’re right, there are some good gum tree flowers here in the valley. There must be some out in the pasture land too.
  10. @Trevor Gillbanks and @Alastair thanks, I am keeping a close eye on the feed. One of the hives is building comb complete with honey in the top feeder. Do you recommend NOT shifting any bees or frames to balance hives at this time of year? I wouldn’t normally entertain the thought, but this June is out of character.
  11. This makes me worried! I’ve got three single box hives that are just exploding with bees. In fact, they’ve moved into the top feeders and are hanging in big clumps. Advice? Should I be shifting some into weaker colonies?
  12. And a black bee suit? Tattoos on your knuckles with ‘Oxalix’ & ‘Acid’... maybe Glycerin on your forehead.
  13. Does anyone know if wasps will take down Vespex at this time of year? They seem to be flourishing in this ridiculous Chch winter?
  14. Mine came with about 15 plastic eye droppers. I got mine from ebay. Cheaper than AliExpress! In fact @Alastair... less than $1.50 for 20. NZ$ 1.19 31% Off | 20PCS Practical 3ml Transparent Pipettes Disposable safe Plastic Eye Dropper Transfer Graduated Pipettes Educational Supplies https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bSKsHM3q
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