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  1. I’m tall, blond, attractive and not very hairy. Here’s my number 021 987654321 nothing to hide...
  2. And hand writing. Looks like diagrams for a bee book!
  3. Off the above topic but... So, today I delivered a virgin into the world (birthed? Midwifed...?). Anyhoo, I’d like to know your thoughts: I was taking cells out of my Queen castles. Day 10 was Sunday the 10th just gone, so I chose today to remove ‘empty’ cells. The first three were as expected, but with plenty of royal jelly still in the cups. The next was still capped, so I checked to see if the lid had just swung shut only to find it well sealed. Thinking this was fairly late I decided to gently tear it open for a looksee and out walked a queen. She looked slightly under cooked, pale yellow, but walked quietly down between the frames. I checked the next one and it was still sealed, so I left the rest for another day. Do you think she will be alright or should I squish her and start again. I’ve got more cells coming.
  4. Woah! Imagine manuka plants as far as the eye could see and all the bee trucks clamouring to get a spot nearby. Manuka monoculture. Go @AFB PMP Management Agency!!! Go hard and catch those non-compliant beekeepers. It just does my head in that there are so many beeks that don’t seem to care. I’ve got an apiary just outside the mid-Canty high risk area and this information fills me with dread. (I inspected them all yesterday and found nothing touch wood)
  5. I’ve done three more grafts since these ones. Knock on wood, this was a 100% mating success. I put 9 more ripe cells out today and there is still plenty of drones.
  6. Thanks mate (not about the hunting suggestion). Do you keep them in a box or something, or on top of a colony for warmth? Im guessing a box inside a house.
  7. How long can I keep mated queens with attendants in a queen cage for? Or is there a better solution? So, I’ve got nine newly mated queens that I need to remove from my queen castles because I have ripe cells to replace them with tomorrow (day 10). I am going to use the mated queens to replace old queens, but the forecast is terrible for opening hives for a seek and destroy mission tomorrow. And Im going hunting on Monday.... will they last until Tuesday, or do I need to set up a ‘bank’?
  8. Ahhhhhhhhh. Very similar to Sloe Gin. We make that with our home made ethanol and home grown plums. Havent tried it with honey, but I’ll bet its amazing and would be easy enough to sub the sugar out. I tried making plum and apple cider with honey (plum mead). Bit of a fail, but so was the sugar version. I still open a bottle every six months to see if it has improved...
  9. Hoooo boy! Now I have to google Damson Gin...
  10. My truck was stolen from my driveway last night. It had most of my beekeeping gear, including two buckets of prepared OA/GL staples and 150kg of sugar, in it. If anyone sees it around Canterbury I’d appreciate the notification. BUE733 boo hoo
  11. Thanks for the advice folks. I have decided to go ahead with the site for now. Will see if my QCs get mated and will give it a season to work out the difficulty of the slope. This is how I have set it up and will add more platforms/hives over the coming weeks (these are double nucs:
  12. Are you still using your smokers?
  13. Oh @yesbut you’re a legend. I’ve been wanting one of those for sitting in the spa and keeping the rain out of my gin n tonic. Doubt it will arrive in time for my ripe QCs tho...
  14. Im using the same cord that i used over 10 years ago. Though i would like to get a longer life out of them than that if you know of a really good quality product @yesbut
  15. @cBank classic you should mention this as I got four double hung sash windows working last weekend. Painful but satisfying! (Bought ten meters of sash cord... got tired by the last couple of measurements... cocked up and had to go back to M10 for another 2.5m... 💩) mine is a 1901 villa. Needs lots of TLC!
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